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How Can a Busy Therapist Improve Their Skills in CBT?

I sometimes get questions from therapists who realize that their grad school training didn’t really equip them to use CBT under real-world conditions. With the personal and professional demands we all face it isn’t simple, but there are a number of good options for improving CBT skills once you’re in practice. . The first options that... Read More →

Why not fix all of your problems?

tulips-175605__180 During my earliest days of studying Milton Erickson’s work, there were many fascinating premises which I could not understand. One of these was his warning that you need... Read More →

CBT in the Real World

In the past few months I’ve seen several comments about how CBT is “constrained” by treatment protocols. Apparently, some practitioners have the impression that CBT is “cookbook” approach where the therapist takes a manualized treatment protocol and imposes it on the client without tailoring it to the client’s needs. They seem to think that... Read More →

Let Me Sleep On It: CBT for Insomnia

The February, 2016 edition of Consumer Reports recommends CBT as an alternative to medication for chronic insomnia (see for some of what they say about insomnia).... Read More →

Is Hypnosis Compatible with Non-Directive Process Work?

Anxiety_2015 Video2Throughout life, we find ourselves forced to make choices, “Do I choose A, or do I choose B?” And in most instances, it is a false dilemma. Dichotomous reasoning... Read More →

Altering Mindsets in Addition to Altering States of Consciousness

silo-windowsTunnels & Windows Those who use hypnosis for clinical problem solving are often trained in the observation and management of states of consciousness. While changes in consciousness can help produce new opportunities for learning and performance on therapeutic tasks, it is a change... Read More →

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