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Utilization: Concept #1

During a recent meeting of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of Phoenix, Marilia Baker turned to me and said, “Don’t you think that just as ‘suggestion’ is the golden rule of hypnosis, ‘utilization’ is the golden rule of Ericksonian hypnosis?” She then proposed that in Ericksonian hypnosis these two concepts are conjoined. Indeed, utilization itself is a suggestion that speaks to the individual’s value, to the worthiness of his or her life experiences, personal ideas, and the worthiness of one’s idiosyncratic behavior. Even more remarkably, utilization also... Read More →

The Most Important Skill in Therapy

If there is any single skill that might be used to summarize what the most effective Ericksonian therapists are able to do really well, it would be the general ability to connect with others in deep and compelling ways. Whether you are describing the therapist’s use of effective communication, interpersonal flexibility, skillful observation, or love and compassion, it all comes back to the therapist’s ability to form a meaningful connection with those who are otherwise lost or isolated in some problematic life-circumstance. Like explorers searching for a city of gold, many students of therapy are trying to learn special curative techniques. But the real treasure is found in the state of relationship that is... Read More →

The Trans-Mental and Trans-Temporal Problem Solver

I just recently delivered a talk at the 2016 Brief Therapy Conference in San Diego and made a promise to my audience that I would send a one page summary of the talk and attach a link to the slides, which can be found at my website. Milton Erickson often warned his students of the danger that comes with psychological theories and how they can set artificial... Read More →