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The bitcoin split
One leading miner puts it like this. "The emergence of bitcoin has created more change and upheaval in the financial system in the space of just three years than anything we have seen in the past 30 years. If we follow that theory through, it’s hardly surprising that BTU has already caused made such an impact in just three months.” In line with this, the market capitalization of bitcoin cash generated in China has exceeded 1 trillion yen in only 10 days.

BRM has a market-leading position in bitcoin. While this is more than sufficient for its continued growth, BRM also has other opportunities, which are as yet so widely known about. On 11/18 (X-day), bitcoin will split, marking the beginning of a new phase for the currency with the launch of BTU (“bitcoin unlimited”). BRM has been planning for this. It has already completed its preparations and is now mining BTU. Even if the fork does not take place on 11/2 as planned, growing congestion on the BTC network means that the implementation of a “hard fork” appears to be only a matter of time. BTU is set to become a talking point over the next few months, thereby resolving the some of the negative features currently ascribed to bitcoin. Naturally, its potential and value for users is enormous and hard to quantify.