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The “Fake Melania” conspiracy theory, explained

The idea of Melania Trump having a body double appeals because people have already created a narrative about the first lady.

Spain’s prime minister has moved to strip Catalonia of its leadership. It’s an unprecedented act.

Mariano Rajoy’s response to the Catalan independence movement is one of the most dramatic moments in Spain’s 40 years of democracy.

The most effective clean energy policy gets the least love

In defense of renewable energy mandates.

Bannon: Bush “didn’t understand anything he was talking about” in his anti-Trump speech

The America First architect takes aim at Bush as part of his war against the GOP.

I’m a therapist. Here’s the line I draw when treating men with unhealthy sexual habits.

Harvey Weinstein says he’s a sex addict. But that’s no excuse for his alleged crimes.

Geostorm, a disaster movie about a weather apocalypse, somehow manages to be unbelievably boring

If you must see it, see it in 4DX.

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President Trump still thinks tax reform will pay for itself

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Halloween episodes are always great — but this year’s outdid them all

Cambridge Analytica, the shady data firm that might be a key Trump-Russia link, explained

A detained 17-year-old immigrant wants an abortion. The government went to court to stop her.

Trump hints he’ll release the final batch of classified JFK assassination files

Nobel laureate Kazuo Ishiguro wrote a screenplay about a gourmet who eats a ghost

Vox Sentences: Republicans inch closer to cutting taxes

The 13 best movies in theaters right now

All the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault, so far

Lulu the CIA dog who wouldn’t sniff bombs is the week’s most adorable internet hero

Candy corn: Halloween’s most contentious sweet, explained

3 white supremacists arrested in Florida for shooting at anti-racism protesters

Sarah Sanders: It’s “highly inappropriate” to question John Kelly — because he’s a general

Why I Capture the Castle has gained a secret cult of book lovers

Republicans have picked a huge environmental fight in their push for tax reform

An Indiana county just halted a lifesaving needle exchange program, citing the Bible

The raging controversy over Trump and the families of fallen soldiers, explained

Here’s what Rick Perry would have recommended if he’d listened to his own grid study

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White House officials think childhood obesity is not a problem. Have they seen the data?

“Our democracy is at stake”: Obama delivers his first post-presidency campaign speech

Who Trump actually hurts by stopping payments to insurance companies, explained with a cartoon

39 water terms, mapped

Medicare X: the Democrats’ supercharged public option plan, explained