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Trump’s next NASA administrator is a Republican congressman with no background in science

Jim Bridenstine’s confirmation has been controversial — even among members of his own party.

Jordan Peele’s simulated Obama PSA is a double-edged warning against fake news

This deepfaked warning against deepfakes almost makes its point too well.

UK emissions are falling fast. Now the country might try for zero.

The UK could become the first G7 nation to formally commit to zero.

Democrats now have 5 competing plans to expand government health care

"There is no question we’ll have to act," said Sen. Chris Murphy. "It’s the No. 1 issue in America. The polls are clear."

New York just removed a statue of a surgeon who experimented on enslaved women

The statue of J. Marion Sims, known as the "father of gynecology," was moved as the US grapples with its history.

The entire island of Puerto Rico just lost power. Again.

It’s the first island-wide blackout since Hurricane Maria hit in September.

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A new law intended to curb sex trafficking threatens the future of the internet as we know it

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I asked 5 Republican senators why Congress isn’t protecting Mueller

Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Liberty University makes millions of dollars from low-quality online courses

Legends of Tomorrow is still TV’s weirdest, greatest superhero show

I Feel Pretty strands Amy Schumer in a one-note comedic premise

“They just began pouring bullets”: California police kill black man in Walmart parking lot

A new poll puts Beto O’Rourke just 3 points behind Ted Cruz in Texas

The GOP is killing safeguards that stop auto loan discrimination on race

Scott Pruitt’s ethics problems, explained in 400 words

Nobody knows who was behind half of the divisive ads on Facebook ahead of the 2016 election

Vox Borders is back! Here’s where we’re going.

Pompeo’s meeting with Kim went “smoothly.” Trump’s meeting with Kim might not.

Westworld season 2 takes cues from The Walking Dead — and it kinda, sorta works

Republicans aren’t taking chances in the Arizona special election to replace Trent Franks

Trump changed his mind on joining the TPP … again

Nikki Haley wasn’t “confused” about Russia sanctions. The Trump White House was.

What you need to know about Facebook’s new privacy settings

A black woman lost a job offer because she wouldn’t cut her dreadlocks. Now she wants to go to the Supreme Court.

Black Panther will be the first film shown in a Saudi movie theater in decades

The IRS has fixed its glitch

Your Facebook friends could be leaving you vulnerable to major privacy invasions

You’ve heard of David Hogg. But the right has claimed another Parkland student as its own.

Democrats have a legitimate shot to win the Mississippi Senate race

Why a leading political theorist thinks civilization is overrated

Who will die and who will survive in Avengers: Infinity War

James Comey isn’t the hero we deserve. But he’s the hero we need.

Why restaurants became so loud — and how to fight back

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Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at 92

Mike Pompeo reportedly met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un

Nikki Haley refuses to take the fall for the Russia sanctions snafu: “I don’t get confused”

Chappaquiddick’s screenwriters on stumbling unwittingly into Kennedy controversy

Trump says the US and North Korea are speaking at “extremely high levels”

Trump wants Arab nations to send troops into Syria. That’s a spectacularly bad idea.

Starbucks will close all 8,000 US coffee shops next month for employee racial bias training