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Taking inspiration from the classic Russian nesting doll this residence in South Korea overlaps ‘object-within-a-similar-object’
Nonhyun Matryoshka is located in a residential area of four to five-story buildings, situated deep within Gangnam¡’s main street in Seoul, South Korea. Existing housing developments usually require closed boundaries to prevent an invasion of privacy. However, new neighbourhood living facilities desire demarcation in order to populate each domain with its own distinctive features, as these spaces are made up of many diverse programmes. As such, it has been planned to mark this duality. The site is rectangular with pyramidal frame, tapering at the top due to setback regulations. A hard crust has been built here to make the internal space flexible. This crust becomes a structure which includes a boundary within a boundary, becoming smaller and overlapping at the top. Just like the Russian doll Matryoshka, it is a repeating and overlapping ‘Object-within-a-similar-object&r

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