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This unique building takes its place in a strategic location in Nantes and draws on some significant architectural influences
As solving inner city housing issues continues to dominate the agenda for architects and housing professionals, WAN Urban Challenge Task Force members, Hamonic and Masson, unveil a striking project in the city of Nantes, France. Composed of curved angles and surrounded by undulating balconies, New’R pays homage to Oscar Niemeyer as well as to the ar­chitecture of the 1970s French Riviera, (André Minangoy and Michel Marot’s “Marina Baie des Anges”, for example) and finally the hedonistic fantasy of Miami Beach! Sensual and multi-directional, the building is located at a pivotal point between the ‘Mail Picasso’ and the new neighbourhood currently being developed alongside the rail infrastructure. Framing and capturing the existing location, New’R embraces the site and forms a new landscape.  The building’s volume compliments

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