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American Newspapers, Radio and TV channels are serving on a large scale. Several companies own the copyrights of their published material. It is spreading and many companies have merged with each other, thus making multinational media. They are running as per rules devised by the American Federal Government. Some industries have also monopoly all over the media. According to an estimate made by the Reporters without Borders, in 2012, the US was at the 47th number among 179 nations slowing down the progress.
Many of the American Radio stations are private and commercial. The NPR (National Public Radio) is the public radio station. Radio broadcasting in the USA has been categorized into FM and AM. Satellite Radio is also getting a great favor day by day. Two largest Satellite Radio Stations are Sirius Satellite Radio & XM Satellite Radio. Presently, their merger has taken place into Sirius XM Radio. Earlier in 1970, FCC (Federal Communications Commission) was allowed to issue one license of FM and AM to one company on a local level while 7 AM and FM Radio Stations were allowed on a national level more...