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Top Web Properties - Social Networking Sites  Make Significant Gains

Beyond the 30 Second Spot: ANA / Forrester Study Finds Marketers Adding Alternative to Television Advertising
DVRs, video on demand, the Internet...a number of factors have impacted television viewing habits in recent years. A new study finds that seventy-eight percent of marketers feel that TV advertising has become less effective in the past two years and are looking beyond the 30 second spot. 

Search Engine Use Rises Sharply, Edging Towards Email as a Primary Internet Application
60 million American adults use search engines on a typical day. B2B and B2C marketers take note.

The Marketing Relevance Imperative
By Peter DeLegge
Unprecedented access to information and new technologies have empowered consumers and business buyers with the ability to tune out marketing messages with ease. In most cases, when given the choice, they choose to skip these messages. Whether it's using Tivo to zap television commercials or software to block online ads and email marketing, they're sending a message to all marketers: get relevant or we'll ignore you. While the noise level of marketing messages reaches an all time high and audiences become more and more fragmented, some marketers have reacted by turning up the volume and, at times, engaging in practices with questionable ethics, while others have chosen to become more relevant.

Brand Blink: Understanding the Mind to get to the Heart of Buying Decisions
By Daryl Travis, CEO, Brandtrust
Malcolm Gladwell enlightens our thinking with his book Blink, a fascinating exploration of how decisions are made in the blink of an eye, before consumers even realize theyre making a decision. He suggests we think without thinking. Gladwells effort to share emerging insights into how our brains work is timely. In this decade, we are learning more about how humans think and feel and what drives our behavior than the whole of our discoveries in the time since Sigmund Freud dreamt up the idea of psychoanalysis. This has profound implications for marketing and brand professionals.

Book Review: "Trade Show and Event Marketing"
In many ways, putting together a successful trade show program is similar to putting together a successful Broadway play. It's a lot harder than it looks. Ruth Steven's book, "Trade Show and Event Marketing" attempts to provide marketers with a comprehensive reference for managing trade shows and events. 

How Customer-Focused is Your Website?
Stalking the Narcissistic Web

by Peter DeLegge
You know the type of person, completely self-absorbed and difficult to tolerate.  But did you ever realize that your website may be his online equivalent?

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Survey of U.S. Tech Executives Shows Only One-Third Formally Track and Assess Competition Despite Growing Concerns About Competitive Intensity
A new study found two-thirds of the more than 300 North American executives surveyed have not instituted formal practices for tracking and analyzing their competition.

Executives Rank Marketing Most Critical Area for Next Generation of Business Leaders
According to a survey of U.S. senior executives, marketing will be the most important area of expertise for the next-generation of leaders.

Cheers, Not Jeers! The Secret to a Winning Presentation
By Anne Miller

In an information-saturated world, everyone from salespeople to the President of the US faces the same problem: how to get other people to pay attention, understand, accept, and ultimately act on their proposals and ideas. The best communicators, from Jack Welch to Steve Jobs, rise to the challenge by becoming "metaphorians," masters of metaphors, a technique as old as Aristotle and as modern as the Internet. 

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing for B2B Marketers (Part 1 of 2)
By Paul J. Bruemmer
Is Search Engine Marketing cost effective enough to increase profits for B2B marketers? Recent survey research shows the dominant role of search engines in B2B buying decisions, with details on buyer behavior in unique B2B transactions.

Exhibiting Wizardry
by Susan Friedmann
In the wonderful world of exhibiting dont you yearn for that magic wand to give a quick magical fix to your tradeshow trials and tribulations. Wouldnt it be nice to have attendees motivated to flock to our booths because they wanted to and not because they had to?

The Five Deadly Sins of Presentations
by John Brien
A presentation is a lot like directing a movie. The beauty is that you dont need a 30-person crew to do it. What you do need is daring, creativity, and intelligence.

Book Review: "Metaphorically Selling"
John Brien explores Anne Miller's latest book on better communications.

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