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Jeff with USS Liberty Survivor Phil Tourney &
Filmmaker Dave Gahary - Zionist Treachery

Jeff & Daniel Estulin - The Bilderbergers…
How Did Trump Win?

Jeff & David John Oates - Trump, Tillerson, Mattis,
McMaster Reversals All Point To NK War
- Listen!

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Robots, AI And Psychopathy...
The End The Human Race - Pt 1

Jeff & Texe Marrs - Robots, AI And Psychopathy...
The End The Human Race - Pt 2



Trump Clashes With World Leaders At G7 Meeting

Judge Nap - Is Trump In Real Trouble?

Ex-Speaker Boehner - Aside From Foreign Policy,
Trump Has Been A Complete 'Disaster'

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Dead At 89

Ex-Cold War Advisor Brzezinski Dies At 89

Trump - 'The Bloodletting Of Christians Must End'
While He Keeps Letting Tens Of 1000s Of Muslims In

Roberts - Cover Stories Used To Control Explanations

Law Enforcement Turns On Law And Order President

NATO – A Dangerous Alliance

Wall Street Throws Up On OPEC


Hillary Says Trump Will Be Impeached

Is Kim's EMP Threat Real Or An Idle Boast?

President Kushner Wanted Secret
Comm Channel w/Russia?

Appeals Court Rules Revised Trump Travel Ban
Unconstitutional (This Is A Deception Because There
Are Already Laws On The Books For Trump To Use!)

Trump's Phony War On Terror

President Jackass

Kirwan - The World According To Trump

Trump Uses Japan As Foil To Threaten N Korea


Trump Slams 'Very Bad' Germans For Selling
Millions Of Cars In US - We Will Stop This'

US Dusts Off Hillary's Plan To 'Back India, Contain China'

US Accuses China Of Buzzing American Spy Plane

Russia Supplies Advanced President-S
Onboard Defense Systems To Three Countries

People Flee ISIS 'Invasion' In ' Southern Philippines

Trump Boasts Of Making Billions From Saudi Visit

Muslims Slaughter 23 Christians, Many Children, In Egypt

Egypt Strikes 'Terrorists' In Libya Over
Muslim Slaughter Of Christians

Attack On Christians In Egypt Indicates
Sponsored Sectarianism - Iran

DR Congo - People Flee As Ebola Outbreak Grows,
Europe, US Could Be Next

Trump To Hungry Seniors - Drop Dead


Pentagon Can't Verify If $2 Billion In Equipment
From The US Ever Reached Iraq

US On Track To Kill More Syrian Civilians
Than Russia For 5th Straight Month

US Airstrikes In Syria Aimed At Supporting ISIS

Memo To US - ‘Best Way To Protect Civilians
Is To Stop Bombing Them'

US Arms Deals Can't Make Saudis Secure - Iran

Saudi Court Sentences 14 Shia Activists To death

'Saudi Rulers To Take War Dreams In Iran To Grave

Iran Blasts Attacks On World Medical Centers

Gaza Crisis Risks 'Spiraling Out of Control'


Ankara Sacks Over 4,000 Judges Linked To Gulen

Corbyn Says UK Foreign Policy To Blame For Terrorism

Paul Craig Roberts On JFK At 100

FBI Refuses To Hand Over 'Comey Memos' To Congress

Soros Behind The Net Neutrality Movement

Zuckerberg Says All Americans Should
Have A 'Universal Basic Income'

Google About To Start Tracking Your Offline Behavior, Too

Censoring You To 'Protect' You

CNN - New Suspicious Activity...Dating Russians

Smartphone Addiction Tightens Its Global Grip

Unclassified Documents Show Obama Intel
Secretly Spied On Americans For Years


Assange Defies Ecuadorian Warnings, Will Publish Corruption

FISA Court Blasts FBI Illegally Shared Spy Data With NGOs

Michigan Muslim Sues Little Caesars For $100m
After Eating Mislabeled Pork

PA Coroner - Addicts Fill Morgue Full Most Nights

70% Of Millennials Have Less Than $1,000 Saved

US Scientists Warn Of Looming Nuclear Disaster

Americans Having Less Sex And Nobody Knows Why

Antidepressants In Water Make Fish Angry, Easy Prey

Bitcoin Rebounds To $2,600 As Gresham's Law Looms

Bitcoin Recovers From Crash As Asian Fever Returns

A New Financial System Is Being Born


Why The Elites Aren't Worried About Inflation

The Bubble That Could Break The World

NZ Launches Into Space With 3D Printed Rocket

Confederacy's Plan To Conquer Latin America

'Space Aggressors' Train US Forces
For Extraterrestrial Conflict

7 Improvised Defense Weapons
That Could Save Your Life

'Kill The Indian - Save The Man'

A Whole New Layer in Earth's Mantle

Heartburn Drugs = Kidney Damage In 50% Of Patients

Magic Mushrooms Might Be Safest
Recreational Drug Out There

Flying High - Carrier Pigeon 'Arrested'


Muslims Slaughter 28 More Christians In Egypt

Kirwan - The World According To Trump

Trump Likely To Maintain Obama’s Sanctions On Russia

What A Joke - G7 Summit Excludes Russia And China

Je Suis Russia


Marxist University Hosts Training On How To
...'Reduce The Impact Of White Privilege'!

The NYT Reinvents NATO's Killing Machine

Cops Hid Evidence, Halted Seth Rich Investigation

Thumbs Down CBO Score On TrumpCare 2.0

Br Nathanael - Ready For The Times To Get Better - Vid

CNN Disinfo - Uses Map Of Wrong 'Tripoli'

Israeli Cops Question Mogul Adelson In Netanyahu Probe

Electricity Crisis In Gaza

No Protests After Dark In Ankara As Erdogan's
Ruthless Crackdown Deepens


Kim Jong-un And Trump Threaten War Again

Hawaii Is Preparing For Nuclear War From N Korea

It’s Time To Terrorize The Terrorists

States Will Regret Not Reconstituting
The Constitutional Militia

Jerry 'Mossad' Kushner Under Scrutiny In Russia Probe

Jews Try To Make More Money On Muslims To US

MN Muslim Found w/Grenade, Bomb Materials - Released


Reconstructive Surgical Reversal Of FGM Now
Said Possible In Some Cases

Israel Changes Intel-Sharing Rules
With US After Trump Leak

US-Led Airstrikes Kill 35 More Civilians In E Syria

Roberts - JFK At 100

Seven Fun Facts About John F. Kennedy

Twitter Suspends WND For Running
Stories About Seth Rich

Manchester - The Suburbs Of Jihadis

Where Does Trump Really Stand On NATO?

Trump's Awkward Photo With Pope Francis
Becomes A Horror Movie Meme

1- Manchester Means War 2 - Israel
3 - Cryptocurrencies - Morris


Handout Nation

Obama Praises 'Favorite Partner'
Angela Merkel During Berlin Visit

China Accuses US Warship Of 'Trespassing'
In Disputed Waters

Beijing Crackdown Cuts Chinese
Investments In US Assets

Netflix Series Exposes Govt-Connected
Child Sex Ring In Baltimore

New York Times Hostility To Industry Gets Worse

The Chance To Change Paradise

Can Human Mortality Really Be Hacked?

Your Brain Is Trying to Show You The Future

Controlling The Masses Via Media No Longer Works


What Is Operation Temperer?

College Goons Demand Prof Resign For Not
Participating In 'No Whites Day Of Absence'

Homeless Vets Declined Because They Died On Streets

American Dreaming 3.0

States Will Regret Not Reconstituting
The Constitutional Militia

NYT - Trump Reveals Location Of 2
Nuclear Subs To Duterte!

Anti-Trump Media Bias Only Gets Worse

Peace Through Mutual Blackmail - Is That
What's Happening In Washington?


Kushner Family Real Estate
Subsidiary Preying On Poor People

Research On The Trump Family's Jewish Ancestry - Facts

The Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has
Now Been Launched

The Latest Deceptive NYT Deep State Press Release

Trump's Adviser Kushner Likely To Visit Israel, Palestine

Israel Needs No US Approval For 'Settlement Building'

Turmp Is Boosting Israeli Military Aid By Millions - Netanyahu

NATO - America's Long Arm

NATO Members Contributing 2% Of GDP ‘Insufficient’ - Trump

Rand Paul To Force Vote On Massive Saudi Arms Deal

Al-Jazeera, Qatari Dailies Net Sites
Blocked In Saudi Arabia, UAE


Iran Has Built A 3rd Underground Missile Factory - IRGC

Trump Admin Back To Bashing Iran

US To Review Boeing, Airbus Sales To Iran
And Will Impose Addition Sanctions

ISIS Tricks US Into Killing Over 100 Civilians

Syria - Obama's War Is Now Trump's

‘Truckloads’ Of US Arms And Ammo Reach Kurds In Syria

Putin Personally Awards Russian Special Forces
Who Repelled Attack by 300 Terrorists In Syria

US Air Force Budget Seeks Funding For
Military Bases in Qatar, Turkey

US Air Force Wants Dozens More F-35 Turkeys

How Pentagon Confused Aircraft 'Intercept' With 'Escorting'

'Secret' Russian Document Influenced Comey's
Probe Into Hillary Clinton - Report


DARPA & Boeing Begin Building ‘Spaceplane’ - Vid

What Next After Manchester?

Farage Rages 'What's The UK Government
Actually Gonna Do?'

Desperate Liberals Try To Blame The Manchester
On Anyone But Islamic Terrorists

'He Wanted Revenge' - Story Of Manchester Bomber Emerges

Neo Conned By Pretty Faces On Fox

Mass Complaints To SF City Hall Over New Drinking Water

HUGE Jury Award To Dealership Nissan Tried To Ruin

Higher Ed's Tampon Socialism Follies

Kangaroo-icide - The Real Story

Did We Not Warn Them? Febrile
Illness Hits Italy Via W Africa

Slump In Sexual Activity Like Involuntary Birth Control


Trump Widens Search For Comey Replacement

US Warship Challenges China's Territorial Waters Claim

ISIS Has Captured A City In The Philippines

Philippine Army Frees 78, Kills 13 ISIS Terrorirsts

Transcript Of Trump’s Call With Duterte

Trump Bows Deeply To Globalists, Surrenders To Them

The Moment Trump Crushes Melania's Soul

Donald And Melania’s World Of Hurt

Jerry Kushner - Slum Lord?

Trump’s Love Affair With Saudi Arabia
...The Fountainhead Of Terrorism

Roberts - Truth Has Become Un-American

Trump Gets Frosty Reception At Vatican

Hopkins - And We Do Not Stand United…


Fukushima - Record High Fatal Radiation Levels
Hole In Reactor Detected

Radiation Knowledge Is Power - Part 1 Of 5

The Murder Of Seth Rich

Trump Gets Frosty Reception At Vatican

Al-Qaeda Terrorists Trump 'Hateful Crusader Master'

Mag Headline - You Don't Have To Be Racist To Be Racist

Putin Vows To Punish ISIS After Manchester

BBC Host - 'Europe Is Getting Used To Attacks Like This'

Laughing Muslims Bragged Of HIdeioust Rape Of 16 Yr Old
Castration With No Anesthetic, Then Execution - No Other Way

Doyle's Solution To End Muslim Tyranny & Terror Before
It Gets To Be Completely Out Of Control In America

'Religious Defense' In Landmark Detroit FGM Case


'Meet Your Muslim Neighbor' Events Spreading
Do Guests Get To See FGM? Or An 'Honor-Killing'?

Germany GONE - Mulls Million Dollar 'Hate Speech' Fines

Swedish Caps Admit The Criminal Muslims Have Won

The Notorious APT32 Hacking Group in Action

What A 'Nail Bomb' Is & Why They Are Terrifying

The Air Force Has An Anti-Satellite Laser Weapon

'Neo-Nazi' Richard Spencer's Gym Membership Canceled

They Are Killing Small Business

Existing Home Sales Slump As Prices
Soar To Record Highs

Race To Save Ben Franklin's Cracked Gravestone

Turns Out, Snakes Can Hunt In Packs

Terrifying Close Encounter With A Rattlesnake


Ancient Slingshot As Deadly As A .44 Magnum

10 Must Have Natural Remedies For Preppers

How To Identify A Dangerous Cult

Kurt Russell Admits Seeing Phoenix Lights UFOs

Secret UFO Files To Be Released By Brit Govt (Again)

Rock Star's Upcoming Announcement On UFOs

Woman MACED Wendys Workers In Argument Over Fries

First-Line Antibiotics Fail In 25% Of Pneumonia Cases

Swedish Company Microchips Employees Bodies

How Everest’s ‘Superhuman’ Sherpas
Overcome Hypoxia

What it’s Like To Be Struck By Lightning

Heat Stroke - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment


ISIS Has Captured A City In The Philippines

Duterte Blasts ISIS In The Philliphines

Kirwan - Amerika 'Can't Handle the Truth'

Trump Approval Rating Down Again

Trump’s Art Of The Deal In Mideast Sells War, Terror

NATO Should Formally Join Anti-ISIS Coalition - Tillerson

Rand Paul Seeks Vote On Trump’s $110b Saudi Arms Deal

Trump Makes Multibillion Deals With Saudis
...As Washington Sees Riyadh As 'Dollar Borehole'

Why Are Saudis Our 'Friend' But Not Democratic Iran?

Saudi-Arabia-US-Iran-TrumpTrump Meets With The Pope


Trump In Rome

Shimatsu - NSA-Equation And Its Minions
Plotted The WannaCry Attack

WannaCry Attackers Have Links To N Korea Lazarus Group

China - NO ONE Has The Right To Bring War
To The Korean Peninsula

Trump On ‘Madman Kim & Good Guy Xi’ In Leaked Call

2018 US Budget Has More Money For ICBM Upgrades

'US Back In Business Stealing Secrets’ - CIA Chief

The 66 Programs Trump's Budget Eliminates

Upstate New York Trump Voters Hit
Hard In Proposed 2018 Budget

Joe Lieberman Out Of Running For FBI Boss

The Republic Has Fallen - Deep State's Coup Successful


Idiot Trump 'Reaffirms Unity in Holding Russia
Accountable' Over Ukraine - WH

James - The Coming Shift To Cosmic Fascism

Ron Paul - Will Trump Admin OD On Authoritarianism?

Fox Drops Seth Rich Murder Story
As Hannity Hits 'Liberal Fascism'

Kim Dotcom - I Assisted Seth Rich Connect To Wiki

States Will Regret Not Reconstituting Constitutional Militia

ALIPAC Calls On Trump To Hire Joe Arpaio
To Help Secure America's Borders

Resisting Tyranny - A Fundamental Human Right

DHS Dems Respond To Trump Retaliation Plan

Comey's Upcoming Testimony - Much Ado About Nothing


Manchester Bomber's Father, Brothers Arrested
…LInked To ISIS, Al Qaeda

Disturbing Manchester Blast Aftermath

Manchester Attacker Known To UK
'Likely' Acted With Others

UK Deploys Army As Terror Threat To Critical

Home Sec Condemns US For Leaks Over
Manchester Suicide Bomber

Manchester Bomber’s Father Insists Son Innocent
Is Himself Accused Of Al-Qaeda Links!

‘It’s Clear We're Investigating A Network’ - UK Cops

France To Extend State Of Emergency

The Vision Of Technocracy

Shareholder Lawsuit - Delightful
Weapon vs Drug Companies

Duterte Asks Putin For Help Against ISIS


Russia Intensifying Work With Other States
To Prevent Terror Attacks

Russian Defense Spending Is 11x LESS Than US
And Only 1/3 Of China's!

Could Ukraine Have Really Destroyed
Evidence Of Responsibility For MH17 Crash?

Russia To Activate Anti-Prompt Global Strike
& Non-Nuclear Deterrence By 2020

Russian MoD Knows Which Terrorists In Syria
Possess Chemical Weapons

Russian Special Forces in Syria

Actions Infringing On Sovereignty Unacceptable - Putin

Russia's FSB Reveals Secret Chats In Telegram
Used By Terrorists

Gilad Atzmon's Brilliant 'Being In Time' Now Available

Who Owns Israel’s Banks?

US Intel - Kurdish Secession From Iraq Imminent

Turkey Recruits 1,000s Of Free Syrian Army
Terrorists To Fight Kurds

Saudi Arabia Gets Radar Upgrades
For Early Warning AWACS Aircraft Fleet

Legendary Investor Asher Edelman Says
'I Have No Doubt' PPT Behind Market Rally

A Timeline Of Elon Musk's Long List Of Failures

Amazon's Bezos Plans For Permanent Moon Base

Europe's Blinkered Leaders

The Foreign Aid Industry Is A Racket

How Automation Will Affect You

Facebook Doesn't Understand Itself

Who Names Diseases?


Horrible 'Spider Bite' On Your Arm May Be Anthrax

Watch - Why Sea Lion Pulled Little Girl into Water

Build Your Own Earthquake Survival Kit

White, Green, Orange…The Deadliest Colors In History

Will America's Turtles Be Eaten Into Extinction?

How 100 LSD Therapy Sessions Helped Cary Grant

Elite Prep School Reveals Sex Abuse Scandals

Baking Soda Shortage Has Hospitals Frantic

Some High Carb Foods Can Give You Lung Cancer

How To See Through Walls With Wi-Fi

Why Bad Moods Can Be Good For You

Human Brains Predict Events Seconds Beforehand


Trump Meets With The Pope

N Korea On 'Inevitable' Path To Nuclear ICBMs - DIA Chief

Donald Of Arabia - A Disgusting Spectacle

Trump’s Islam Speech Paves Way For Next US War

Trump Complies Perfectly With The Saudi Line

Trump Orders Prep For Electric Grid Cyber Attacks

War And Oil Reserves - Trump’s US-Saudi Partnership

Trump’s Budget Is A Cruel Con

Chelsea Clinton - Child Marriage Is A
Result Of Climate Change (!)

How Brainwashing Shaped America

Sessions Wants to Put More People in Prison

Who's Telling the Truth In Washington? Anyone?

In Last 10 Yrs, US Economy Grew Same As In 1930s


Sinkhole Opens Up Right In Front Of Trump's Mar-a-Lago

Rape Charge In Germany For Black From Ghana

UK Terror Threat Raised To Critical, New Attack Expected

Manchester Cops Arrest Suspect, Carry Out Raids

Muslim Manchester Bomber ID'd - ISIS Takes Credit

ISIS Claiming Responsibility For Manchester
Bombing Is Likely Baloney

Trump Calls On Allies To Obliterate Terrorism

What Is The Manchester Agenda? - Morris ?

Trump's Fawning Address in Israel

All Wars Are Banker's Wars

Palestine Burns While Trump Lauds Zionist Extremism

After Praising Saudi (dreadful) Treatment Of Women
Ivanka-Backed Foundation Receives $100 Million

'Trump Mideast Tour Paves Way For War With Iran'

Terror Has But One Origin Says Iran

Petrodollars Turning MidEast Into West Arms Depot - Iran

An ‘Arab NATO’ Force To Fight Terror Is A 'Myth & Propaganda'

FBI Source Comey Bombshell - 'People Are Going To Prison'


Creep Podesta Blames FBI, Fake News For Hillary Loss

Friedman - The US Is Planning To Strike North Korea

Economic Growth Is Impossible

The Rise Of Young Muslim Invaders In Europe

Texas A&M Prof - Some White People May
Have To Die To Solve Racism

Poland's Ruling Party Leader Blames
Germany, Merkel For EU Muslim Crisis

Poland Won't Take Muslims For Fear 'Social Disaster'

Is ISIS Planning To Strike The US With Chem Weapons

US Troops Were Wounded In Yemen Raid On Monday

US Attack Kills 7 In Central Yemen - Pentagon


UN, Google Join Forces to Tell Syria 'Truth,'
Don't Expose Foreign Involvement

ISIS Boss al-Baghdadi Flees Mosul - Terrorists Liquidated

Regime Forces Open Fire On Bahrain Protesters

Fourth Israeli Drone Crashes In Lebanon This Year

Palestinians Hold Trump Effigy At Gunpoint To Protest Visit

Ukraine Breaches Embargo To Fuel S. Sudan Civil War

S Korea Military Fires 'Warning Shots' At
Unidentified Object Flying From The North

Chinese Media Applauds China's CIA-Spy Killing Spree
'Washington Has No Idea What's Going On'

Duterte Declares Martial Law On Phillipines Island
Amid ISIS-Linked Attack

Stunted Oil Prices May Cause Price Shock In 2020


Trump Seeks Historic $3.6 Trillion In Spending Cuts
Including Selling Half The US Strategic Oil Reserve

Trump Wants To Sell US Oil Reserves And Drill Alaska

Russia & The Saudis - An Oil Marriage Of Convenience

Saudi vs Shale - The Breakeven Myth

OPEC Set To Extrend Oil Production Cuts By 9 Months

Stockman - Fiscal Bloodbath...Market Crash To Occur
'Between August And November'

Boeing Tries To Keep Bombardier From US Market

CEOs Of America's Top Corporations
Got Their Biggest Pay Hike Since 2013

New Malware Employs 7 NSA Exploits, Expert Warns

Fresh Protests Rock Venezuela

Brazil Police Arrest Special Advisor To President Temer


Palestine Burns While Trump Lauds Zionist Extremism

After Praising Saudi (dreadful) Treatment Of Women
Ivanka-Backed Foundation Receives $100 Million

FBI Source Comey Bombshell - 'People Are Going To Prison'

Anti-Trump Accusations Persist While He's Abroad

Russian Forces In Southern Syria

Would The Government Let Jesus Cure Cancer?


Lone Suicide Bomber At Manchester - 22 Young Teens Dead

Nigel Farage - Manchester Muslim Blast A New Low

Potential Terrorists In UK Swells To 3,500

President Trump Puts On Skull Cap And 'Prays'
(Grovels) At The Wailing Wall In Jerusalem

Trump On Track To Disappoint Netanyahu

Trump Says Palestinian Deal Is Crucial
(Not Going To Happen)

Trump Calls For MAJOR Cuts To Medicaid, Food Stamps
Will Continue Giving Muslims & Illegals Free Everything


Trump Budget Will Slash $1.7 Trillion In
Entitlements & Cut Food Stamps By 25%

Ivanka Praises Saudi Arabia On Women's Rights
…A New LOW In Gross, Vulgar Hypocrisy

Trump Approves New Pentagon Strategy

‘Spirit Cooking Creep’ John Podesta Bashes Trump

Israeli Politician Takes Awkward Selfie With Trump

Greek Authorities To Rob People Blind

Brits Waste Tons Of Money Policing Weed

Apple’s Lack Of Daycare Is Big Message

AI Robots That Think, Feel Like We Do
Will Live Among Us In 10 years

Pool Parasite Outbreaks Are Getting More Common

Facebook Targets Vulnerable Teens


Heavy Rainfall Shaped The Surface Of Mars?

'Alien Megastructure' Star Is Dimming Again
Astronomers Sounding The Alarms

Mystery Donor Saves Shag Harbour UFO Festival

Rendlesham - Col Charles Halt Returns To UFO Site

Terrifying Amount Of Sugar In Pop Beverages

25 Powerful Breast Cancer Fighting Foods

American Trees Are Migrating West

Everyday Habits Reveal Our Personalities

Do Psychiatrists Really Think Everyone Is Crazy?

Meet The Tens Of Millions Of Forgotten Americans

Washing And Drying Your Hands Wrong?


Manchester Arena Terror Bombing Witnesses Talk

Terrorists Blow 19 People To Bits In Brit Concert Blast

Trump First President To Pray At The Wall In Jerusalem

Bibi To Trump - 'Israel Shares Your Commitment To Peace'

Kirwan - 'We Love Israel, We Respect Israel' Says Trump

Coulter - If Trump Continues To Break Promises, Dems
Will Win Big In 2018 And Will Impeach Him

Israeli Lawmaker Outraged By Accurate Map

Israel Pushes To Legalize West Bank 'Settlements'

Trump Tries To Unite Israel, Saudis With Anti-Iran Rhetoric


Trump - US, Israel Agree Iran Must Cease Funding Terror

Trump - US, Israel Will Never Allow Iran To Have A
Nuclear Bomb (But It's Ok For Israel To Have 100s)

Saudi Arabia, Not Iran, Is ‘Fountainhead’ Of Terrorism

Trump Talks Tough On Extremism...But Guns & Oil Matter

Saudi Arabia, UAE To Give $100 Million
To Princess Ivanka's Foundation

US Stirring Up ‘Iranophobia’ Once Again To Boost
Arms Sales To Arab Nations - Tehran

Ron Paul Warns Iran Is In The Crosshairs Again
'Neocons Are Still Writing The Script'

Widow Of 9/11 Victim To Trump - Saudis Should
Be Accountable For Murdering 3,000 Americans


Trump Trip Sparks New White House Rumors

Why Trump The Businessman Has Such A
Tough Time With The Deep State Sharks

Globalists Pile Pressure On Trump

The Riyadh Declaration Of Escalated Regional War

Br Nathanael - Wall Street Sends Kushner
And Trump To Saudi Arabia - Vid

Proof Saudi Arabia Is NOT A 'Tolerant Country'

America - Serial Aggressor, Sponsor Of Global Terrorism

Seth Rich Plot Thickens - 'DC Insider' Speaks
Of 'Complete Panic' At Highest Levels Of DNC

DNC Affiliates Increase Involvement In
Seth Rich Case After Wheeler Claims

Dubai’s First ‘Robocop’ Begins Street Patrols

GEFIRA Responds To Soros Senior
Officer's 'Fake News' Allegations

13 Ways To Fight Fake News (And The Big
Problem With All Of Them)

Media To Trump - Don't Cozy Up To Dictators
(Unless They're The Right Dictators)

Russia Rebuilding Soviet-Era Air Defense Umbrella

Sergey Lavrov Says US Media Reminds
Him of Soviet Union's 'Pravda'

Kushner A Person Of Interest In Trump-Russia Witch Hunt

Sorry, TIME, Putin Doesn’t Work In A Cathedral

N Korea's Kim Oks New Missile 'Deployment For Combat'

Kim Jong-un Approves Mass Production
Of Successfully Launched Ballistic Missile

N. Korea's Latest Missile Test Brings Us One Step
Closer To WWIII (Here's How We Got Here)

North Korea Acts Of Self-Defense

China Asked US For 100-Day Delay To
Prepare Sanctions Against North Korea


Another Rotting Double-Walled
Tank Is Leaking At Hanford

Hanford Could Destroy The West Coast

The Hanford Tank Farms - Death Unlimited

Hanford Radioactive Sludge Leaking For Years

USS Liberty 911 + Sacrificed For War On Islam - Morris ?

New Ebola Outbreak - Or Is It A Hoax?

Germany - Two Muslims Rape 13 Yr Old Girl

Muslims Behind 9 Out Of 10 Shootings In Sweden

Sri Lankan Muslim Child Bride Set Ablaze By 'Husband'

We Will Continue To Terrorize You' - ISIS Calls
For Jihadis To Copy Times Sq Attack

Muslim Immigration Leading To Brutality
Against Women In The US


Notre Dame Valedictorian - 'Our Generation Must
Not Allow 'Scapegoating Of Muslims'

Idiot Driver Cuts Off Biker Who Lands On TOP Of Car - Vid

The US And EU Meddle & Kill People Under The
Guise Of 'Human' Rights Concerns' – Duterte

Leaked Facebook Docs Show User Self-Harm Is Allowed

Herr Mueller…By What Name Should We Address You?

$100 In Bitcoin In 2010 Now Worth Almost $73 Million

Bitcoin Blasts Through $2200 - Here's Why

Bill Introduced Allowing Cancellation Of Over
$1 Trillion In Student Debt Through Bankruptcy

A New Warning Of Deadly Ozone Layer Collapse
From A Former NASA Engineer

Big Pharma Pollution Is Creating Deadly Superbugs
...While The World Looks The Other Way


Trump In Israel Says Arab Countries
Are With Israel vs Iran

Br Nathanael - Wall Street Sends Kushner
And Trump To Saudi Arabia - Vid

Kushner Moves Center Stage As Trump Flies To Israel

Melania And Ivanka Mocked For Praising
Saudi Arabia's 'Women's Rights'

Priebus Returns To DC Early - May Be Fired Soon

Saudis Show Trump 'Exhibit' On Religious 'Tolerance'

N Korea Declares Latest Missile Launch A Success

Gingrich Calls Seth Rich Murder 'An Assassination'

White Genocide Celebrated At Eiffel Tower

The Top 25 US Banks Have 222 Trillion
Dollars Of Exposure To Derivatives


America's Largest Pension Fund Has Dumped
A Fortune Into Monsanto Stock

Dozens Of Cities Worldwide March Against Monsanto

Trump's Astonishing Lies And Duplicity In Saudi Arabia
His 'Muslim World Address' Is Overflowing With BS

Trump To Supply Saudis With THAAD, Patriot Systems

Trump Signs 'Single Largest Arms Deal In US History'
With Saudi Arabia Worth $350 Billion

GE Inks $15 Billion In Deals To Diversity Saudi Economy

Saudi-Led 'Arab NATO' 'Will Destabilize Mideast,
Unleash Massive War in Region'


Trump Calls On Mideast Nations To Stamp Out Terror
Maybe The CIA, et al Should Stop Funding It…

Phony US Plan To 'Smash' ISIS - Fact...America Supports
And Uses ISIS As Imperial Foot Soldiers

Trump Hosted By Despotic, Brutal, Rogue Saudi Regime

Donald Trump Jr. Seems Busy Doing Business in Dubai

Tillerson Tells Rouhani To Stop Iran’s Ballistic Missile Tests

Deep State Leaks Aim to Undermine Trump

'Angry' Bibi Orders Ministers To Attend Trump Reception

Trump's Israel Visit - Bad News For Palestinians

Abbas To Propose Large Scale Land Swap With Israel

James - The Coming Shift To Cosmic Fascism

What Did the Trump Admin Just Do In Syria?

US, Japan Confirm Another N Korea Missile Launch

N Korea Fires Another Medium Range Missile

Kim Fires New IRBM In 'Threat To Neighbors'

Report - Kim Says He Will Strike First In War vs US

How US Troops Would Respond To War With N Korea

Madsen - World Leaders Gather in Beijing
While The US Sinks Into Irrelevancy

China Encroaches On Former French Colonies In Africa

Duterte - A Conflict With China Would 'Be A Massacre'

Duterte Won't Allow US To Treat Philippines As Colony

Long Sought US Regime Change in Venezuela

Methods Of World Depopulation

Russian Military Deploying Nearly 200
Troops To Arctic For Mystery Mission


Russia Goes To WTO Over Sweeping Ukrainian Sanctions

Porky Moves His Soviet T-80 Tanks To Donbass Front

They Killed The Tsar – Now Globalists Target Putin

NATO Troops In Estonia Crash Three Vehicles In Two Days

If NATO Wants Peace, Stability it Should Stay Home

Lavrov Denies Trump Said "Comey Is A Nut Job"

CNN Reports Comey Has Changed His Mind
Now Believes Trump Tried To Influence Him

The Crazed Quest to Find Some Reason To Dump Trump

The Real Conspiracy - Conspiring To Cast
Everything As A Conspiracy Theory

Schlichter Warns 'This Is A Coup Against
Our Right To Govern Ourselves'


CA Dem Chair - 'All Together Now...F*ck Donald Trump!'

CIA Incompetence Allowed China To Murder A Dozen
CIA Assets While Hillary Clinton Was Secretary Of State

Those Exposed By Wiki Should Be Investigated, Not Assange

200,000 Protesters March Against VZ President Maduro

'Everybody's Freaked' - Hanford Admits Second
Radiation Leak And That Workers Contaminated

PA School Behavioral Specialist Lifts Student By Neck - Vid

Yale Dean Suspended Over Rude & Racist Yelp Reviews

Guest Frightened By Decoration Sues Hotel

10 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Became Facts

Blood On The Dance Floor

Rigging Democracy In Western Europe?

25th Amendment Tweets Hit All-Time High


Feds Hunted Down An Illegal Alien
Using Controversial Phone Tracker

Facebook's Ability To Target 'Insecure' Teens
Could Prompt Backlash

Pot Startups Prepping For Sessions New War On Drugs

What The White Gunk On Salmon Actually Is

What Took So Long to Realize Trans Fats Are Deadly?

All Of America's Circus Animals May Be Freed

Roanoke Mystery Endures Yet Another Cruel Twist

What To Do When You Need $100, Fast

15 Key Milestones in Aviation History

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Is Dual Citizen Israeli Agent Kushner Working To
Enable The Saudis To Launch A Nuke Attack On Iran?

Tillerson Moves Iran Into The Zionist US Crosshairs
Says It Is Trump's Top Middle East Concern

As Trump Smacks Up To Saudis, They Give Citizenship
To Islamic Hate Preacher Wanted On Terror Charges

While Trump Parties With Saudi Wahhabists,
They Are Destabilizing Kosovo With Big $$$

Dolce Vita - The Undeserving Obamas In Tuscany

Why We Should Feel No Pity For Anthony Weiner


What The Founding Fathers Really Thought Of Race

Ebola Spreading - Infections Up 800% Last Week -
Officials Race To Track Down 400 Possible Contacts

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25% Of Americans Can't Pay All Their Monthly Bills

Lowe's Employees Now Wearing Exoskeletons

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5 Easy Steps To Growing Your Own Pot

Using Marijuana To Reduce Crack Cocaine Use

Alleged Alien-Human Hybrid, Intelligence
Agencies, The FBI And A FOIA Appeal

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Scientists Identify 28,000 Medicinal Plants

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US Weapons To Saudis Deals Rises To $350 Billion
With $110 Billion Starting Immediately

Trump Shakes Hands With Saudi King, Won't Bow
Down Like Obama Did

Trump's Travels

Yemenis Fire Ballistic Missile At Riyadh Before Trump Visit

Saudis Shoot Down Yemen Ballistic Missile

Iranian President Rouhani’s Landslide Reelection

Rouhani Wins Iran Presidential Election

‘Trust’ Us' - Tillerson Urges N Korea To Quit Nukes

Mad Dog - 'War On North Korea Would Be
Tragic On An Unbelievable Scale'


N Korea Denies Any Involvement In Recent Hack Attack

US Practices Destroying Kim's Nukes
China Rejects US Claims Of Intercept Over Yellow Sea

Chinese Media Warns US Social Division
Shows 'Western Democracy Is Crumbling'

Latest Anti-Trump Media Assault

Obsessed - 92% Of CNN Trump Coverage Is Negative

US Reign Of Terror - A Nation Reaps What It Sows

Deep State Cover-Ups, Conspiracies And Lies

Liberals Organizing Nationwide Impeachment Marches

Michael Moore Again Claims He’s Going To
Take Trump Down With A Movie

Kushner A 'Person Of Interest’ In Russian Probe

Ex-Goldman Banker Taking Over The Fed?
Mark Carney Spotted At The White House


Comey To Testify In Open Senate Hearing
About Russian Election 'Interference'

Will Afghan Graveyard Of Empires BeTrump's End?

Roberts Laments 'The Assault On Trump'

Buchanan - A 'Debilitating & Potentially Dangerous
Time Has Begun' For Trump

Journalists Drink Too Much, Are Dumber Than Average

WaPo, NYT Blast Trump On Comey And Russia

Disinformation Report Hypes Nonexistent Russian Threat

Asking 'Who Killed Seth Rich?'
Russian Embassy Implicates Hillary In Tweet

Seth Rich's Reddit Account Discovered
Pandas, Patriotic Clothes And Joe Rogan

Obamas In Tuscany On Private Plane, Escorted By 6 Jets


Americans Are Fleeing Major Cities - Rioting, Looting,
Civil Unrest Will Become Commonplace

Assange To Request Political Asylum In France

Assange Vows Not To Forgive Or Forget 7 Years In Embassy

Ecuador Ask UK PM May To Give Assange Safe Passage

Pilger - ‘WikiLeaks Staff In Danger’

Assange Case Proves 'UK A US Vassal State

Detention, Extradition Without Charge
Has Become Feature Of EU - Assange

Ex WH S/S Agent Convicted as Child Predator

Weiner Pleads Guilty To Sexting - Huma Files For Divorce

Shame - New Orleans Takes Down Robert E. Lee Statue


Maduro Tells Trump To ‘Get Hands Off’ Venezuela

VZ Bashes ‘Aggressive’ US For Crossing All Red Lines

VZ Protesters Burn National Guard Truck

'Greater Israel' - The Zionist Plan For Middle East

Haley Urges UN HRC To Drop 'Obsession With Israel'

Zionist WH Removes Vid Showing Israel With Pre '67 Borders

IDF Uses Rubber Bullets, Live Ammo On W Bank, Gaza Pals

Israel - New Hardware Can Keep F-35 From Being Hacked

'Genius' - The Latest Pro-Einstein Propaganda

Why Washington Terror-Bombs Syria


Mattis - US Airstrike Targets Were Forces Directed By Iran

Russia, Syria Blast US Air Strikes Hit Anti-ISIS Forces

DC Calls On Allies To Cut Contact
w/Assad Aids Terror - Lavrov

US Changes Tactics Against ISIS

Europe Is Highest Suicide Rate Region In The World

EU Blasts Poland For Not Taking Muslim Refugees

Black UCLA Students Demand 'Safe Spaces' & $40m Cash

UCLA Paying Students To Fight 'Whiteness' & 'Patriarchy'

Imbeciles - U of W Student 'teach-In' Claims
Food industry Is 'Built On Racism'


Proof Texas A&M Prof Endorsing Anti-White Violence

Idiots - Ivy League Students 'Take Turns' At Hunger Strikes

REALLY Lonely People Starting To Marry THEMSELVES

Black Man Accused Of Beating White Woman To Death

Mexican Arrested For DUI To Be Deported 7th Time

Chinese Nationals Ran Sex-Trafficking Ring Out Of TX

Illegal Alien Caught Raping 15 Yr Old Teenage Girl

Temporary Ebola ‘Refugees’ To Be Sent Back To Africa

Criminal Aliens Cost CO Over $500 Million

CA Student Fees Fund Pro-Choice Centers For
$300,000 But Not One Pro-Life Speaker For $500

UK Deep State Smears Corbyn Ahead Of Election

'Orwellian' BBC Will Report Viewers To Their EMPLOYERS
If They Post 'Offensive' Online Comments

UK PM May Wants Govt Control Over Net Content

UK Govt Moves Aggressively To Censor & Control The Net

Your Radiation This Week - #17 And #18

Your Radiation This Week - #18 From 2006

Global GeoEngineering News Alert - 5-20-17

Plasma Jet Engine Breakthrough - New Era In Space Flight

‘Alien Megastructure’ Mystery Back As Flashes Begin Again

Hawking - Humanity Has 100, Not 1,000, Years Left On Earth

Crowdfunded Exoplanet Telescope Offers Fabulous Prizes

Global Doomsday Seed Vault Almost Flooded As Arctic Melts

Shocking Bird Decline - British Wildlife In Serious Trouble


US Practices Destroying Kim's Nukes

Harvard Study - Massive Media Bias Against Trump

Roberts - The Assault On Trump

Why Putin Is Laughing

Biden - Never Thought Hillary Was A Great Candidate

Is Europe Committing Suicide?

Israel Teaches Its Children Fear And Loathing

'Pussy Riot' Warns America About Trump

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These 7 Unbelievable Ads Show How The
Advertising Industry Degrades Women & Men

Milk Wars Battle - Farmer’s Raw Milk
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Hollywood Insider Speaks Out, Claims
Global Pedo Ring Controls Hollywood

Is Your Credit Score A Scam?

Hospitals Begin Dispensing
Medical Cannabis Oil To Patients

Bitcoin Soars Above $1950

Amazing Black Motorcycle Queen Of The 1930s

WW1 Changed Weather Forecasting For Good

Italy Is Giving Away Old Castles For Free

Farmer Buries Faithful Truck After 48 Yrs Of Service

17 Ways Your Office Job Destroys Your Health

Are You Really Prepared For The Real World?

This Tiger Doesn’t Like Palm Oil

It’s So Easy To Get Addicted To Opioids


UK Cops Obliged To Arrest Assange
If He Leaves Embassy

Sweden Finally Drops Phony Assange Rape Case

Assange 'Happy To Talk' With US DOJ

Assange 'Rape' Saga Ends,
Espionage Charges May Still Fly

Assange Life Under Siege In The Ecuadorian Embassy

Shimatsu - Shadow Brokers Slam NSA-Microsoft
For The Global WannaCry Outbreak

Pence Fundraising To Succeed Trump?

Slow-Motion Plot to Dump Trump


Inside The US Govt Plan To Survive Nuclear War
...While The Rest Of Us Die

Jared Kushner Personally Intervened In
$100 Billion Saudi Arms Deal

Will $40 Billion Saudi Infrastructure Gift Influence Trump?

Wall St Completely Owns The Trump Administration

‘No...Next Question’ - Trump Rejects
Collusion, Comey Claims

Chinese Fighter Jets Conduct 'Unprofessional' Inverted
Intercept Of US Radiation Detector Over Yellow Sea

Heading For War On Russia

Br Nathanael - Trump To Visit Israel,
Saudi Arabia And The Vatican

DC Dave - The Lying Press - Cheverly Brothers

US Undermining Conflict Resolution, Peace In Syria


The 'Russian Obsession' Goes Back Decades

India, Singapore Marine Drill In South China Sea

Condi Admits Yet Another Iraq War Lie

'US, UK Forces Getting Sucked Into Syrian Hot War'
Or Intentionally Igniting One...

US Lawmakers Appease Terrorists With New
Sanctions On Syrian Allies - Russia

#Vault7 'Athena' - CIA’s Anti-Windows Malware
'Better Than Bombing Things'

Atzmon - Understanding Brits…A Post Political Analysis

Russian Cell Giant MegaFon Down In Moscow, Elsewhere

New Chinese Attack Chopper Takes Maiden Flight

China Has Successfully Mined ‘Fire Ice’ From The Sea


‘No Chance Of Color Revolution In Russia’

Russian Scientists Invent Security Robot
For England Fans At 2018 World Cup

US Bombing Syrian Troops 'Absolutely Unacceptable’ - Russia

Wave Of 'More Dangerous' ISIS Killers To Hit Europe

Brown Slams 'Free-Loading' Taxpayers For Opposing More Tax

White Students Banned From Student Univ Lounge

Six Baltimore Schools Have ZERO Students
Proficient In State Math, English Tests

US Journalist Harassed By FCC Security Forces

Mapping The World's Population

Technology Is The Master Of Modern Slavery


31 Fascinating Facts On The Early History Of The US Dollar

Soros Increases Losing Bet On Falling US Stock Markets

NASA - Humans Accidentally Created Protective
Barrier Around Earth

VZ - Socialism's Latest, Tragic Victim

VZ To Import 60,000 Tons Of Russian Wheat Per Mo

Standoff In Venezuela

Greece No Longer A Sovereign State

Europe Preparing For Martial Law - Morris

Brazilian Bloodbath - Currency Halted, Futures Crash

Russia's Foreign Minister Trolls US In Cyprus

IMF Sees Inflation In Russia Declining,
On Track To Meet Central Bank’s 4% Target

Kangaroo-icide On Campus


Year Round Pell = Year Round Fraud

Giant Plants Of Southern Oregon

How To Fix 9 Common Sleep Problems

What You Need To Know When
Recording Your Enemies

10 Survival Myths That Might Get You Killed

Spider Bite! Symptoms + 6 Easy Natural Treatments

Chili, Deceptively Tiny, Could Send
You Into Anaphylactic Shock

Dreier - The Mystical Heat of Stigmata

Barry Gibb of The Legendary Bee Gees Talks UFOs

UFO Emits Beam, Couple Experiences Missing Time

Navy Declassifies Case Involving UFO In Argentina


Shimatsu - Shadow Brokers Slam NSA-Microsoft
For The Global WannaCry Outbreak

Trump's 'Sudden' Top Contender For FBI Director….
Jewish Joe Lieberman…The Zionist States Of America

Dow Plunges 372 Points As Trump
Impeachment Talk Hits A Fever Pitch

Trump - No Special Counsel For Hillary And Obama

What It Took To Get Impeached In 14th Century

Copycat Hackers Planning To Join
Global Ransomware Heist

Cyber Attacks Are The Perfect Trigger
For A Stock Market Crash

The Ghost Of Mike Flynn