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Jeff & David Duke - Exclusive Talk With
David Right After Charlottesville - Vid

Jeff & Dr. Leonard Coldwell - MUST LISTEN -
Staggering Horrors We Are Facing NOW!

Jeff & Gerald Celente - The Trump Presidential Freak Show

Jeff & Dane Wiggington - Shocking GeoEngineering
Climate Roasting Of The West

Jeff & Terrible Tim - AI Bots Create OWN
Language We Can't Understand

Judge Napolitano - Why Hate Speech Is Protected - Vid

Tucker Asks - Will The Left Refute America's Forefathers
Like Washington Because They Owned Slaves?

Buchanan - 'If We Erase Our History, Who Are We?'

Alt-Left Communists Now After Teddy Roosevelt Statue

Idiot Larry Summers - 'Trump Is
Endorsing White Supremacists'

Jamie Dimon's Memo To JPMorgan Employees...
'I Strongly Disagree With President Trump's Reaction'

Gary Cohn Reportedly 'Disgusted & Deeply Upset'
At Trump's Last Few Days

Roberts - Identity Politics Always Leads To Violence

Will Charlottesville Be A Pretext For Toughening
Police State Laws?

NY Governor Wants 'Violent' Protests To Be Hate Crime


Obama Sets 'Likes’ Record On Twitter Over Charlottesville

‘We Will Come For You' - Anonymous Declares War On White
Nationalists…Who Are Simply American Patriots

Charlottesville - Proof Political Correctness Is Killing America

Rep. Gutiérrez, 30 More, Arrested Outside White House

Baltimore Votes To Destroy 4 Confederate Statues

Lincoln Memorial Defaced

Brutal Arrest Of Black Puts OH Town On Edge - Vid

Picture Of Pence 'Triggered' Campus Of CA College Kids

Trump Shuts Down 2 Jobs Councils After CEOs Quit

Trump Slams Amazon For Killing Local Retail & Jobs

Trump Fired Comey For Pizzagate Coverup

NYT Keeps Hyping Phony Russian Hacking Accusation

Chilling DOJ Speech, Assembly & Assn Infringement Req


The Maginot - Internet MAGI-NET

US Asks LatAm Countries To Break Ties With N Korea

N Korea's Secret Chemical Weapons Stockpile

Mapping Major US Military Bases Near North Korea

China, US Agree On Direct Military Communication

Rusi - New Korean War 'Real Possibility

‘US-S Korean War 'Games' Cause North To Rumble

Japan, US Holding Largest Ever War Games

Russia - Ukraine May Have Sold Missile Engines To N Korea

Ukraine Denies Missile Engine Deliveries To N Korea

Korea And Venezuela - Flip Sides Of The Same Coin


US Military Intervention In VZ Crisis Unacceptable - Lavrov

Pence - US Will ‘Bring 'Full Measure US Power' On VZ

It Takes A Village...To Ruin Everything

History Books Will Label The US Empire As Savage - Morris

ALL WHITE LANDS Will Be Taken From White Owners
Without COMPENSATION By The SA Govt In 2018

Black Sub-Humans Beat, Kick Young White To Death
...Send Cell Phone Photo Of His Body To His Family

Black Killer Of White Farm Family Shows MIddle Finger To
Family Of Victims In Court

Enormous Basic Lies About Vaccination

The Battle For ISIS-Controlled Deir Ezzor

Syria Accuses US, UK Of Supplying Terrorists With
Toxic Agents Found in Aleppo, Damascus Suburbs

'Beyond Understanding' - Moscow On UK, US
Possible Supplies Of Toxic Agents To Syria

UK's Chemring Group Denies Supplying Syrian
Terrorists With Toxic Agents


Lack Of Investigation Into US Strikes In Syria Proves
Idlib Chemical Attack Was Staged - Syria

Syrian Army Kills Kuwaiti, Saudi, Malaysian ISIS Terrorists

Lavrov Calls New US Sanctions On Iran 'Illegitimate'

Iran on Trump's Target List?

Haley Repeats Washington's Anti-Iran Claims

Russia Throws Weight Behind Iran’s Missile Program

Iran It Is Committed To Nuclear Deal

Longtime E Jerusalem Palestinian Family Faces Eviction

Israel Razes House Of Palestinian ‘Attacker’ In West Bank

Insane Denmark Offers Homes, Education To Muslim
Fighters In 'Hug A Terrorist' Program


Scot Parliament Hit By Ongoing ‘Brute Force' Cyber Attack

Donbass - Ukrainian Sniper Fires At Construction Workers

Insane Break-Even WI Incentives To Foxconn - 25 Years

Salt, Wampum, Benjamins - Is Bitcoin Next?

Ukrainian Lawmakers Disclose $45 Million In Bitcoin Holdings

Are Bitcoin & Other Cryptos Over-Hyped And Dangerous?

If They Don't Want You To Own Gold, You Probably Should

India Bans Gold Exports 'Without A Valid Reason'

Did The Fed Just Warn Us That The Debt Bubble
Is Beginning To Burst?

Russia Is Cutting Dependence On US Dollar

Exposed - Regulators Suppress Truth About Inflation
And Fed Policy To Destroy The US Dollar


New American Dream - Rent Your Home From Hedge Fund

Sleepwalking Into An Even Worse Version
Of The 1930's Great Depression

Orwell Or Kafka - Ken Rogoff's Crusade Against Cash

Iran, Russia, Turkey In $7 Billion Drilling Deal

Smartphone Separation Anxiety Or 'Nomophobia'
Is Very Real And On The Rise

'Sexually Harassing' Test Question = 504 Investigation

The Billionaire Bears Club

Worrying Trend' Of Freedom Of Press In The UK

Australia’s Citizenship Crisis

Commonalities In Alleged Recorded Reptilian Speech

This Pacific Island Is Caught In Global Power Struggle


Nearly 100 Volcanoes Discovered Beneath Antarctic Ice

How To Tell Is Your Solar Eclipse Glasses Are Safe

A Drinker’s Guide To Watching The Solar Eclipse

The Car Parts That Are OK To Cheap Out On

Prepper Home Defense

The Truth About Bartering

If I Can't Have You, No One Can’

Internet Scams Even the Smartest People Fall For

Energy Drinks Gateway To Cocaine Addiction

The Lies Brits Tell Themselves About India


N Korea 'Won' Battle With Trump, US, - Security Expert

UK Govt Warns N Korea War A Real Possibility

US-South Korea Drills Could Rile North Korea Again

What Happens When No One Believes American Threats?


China New Drone-Missile Hybrid Can Fly Under Radar

Politico Fake News? - Trump Transcript
Word Changed To Harm

Trump Tells Truth About Alt-Left Violence At EPIC
New Conference; Leaves Leftists 'Literally Shaking'

Powerful Trump Blasts Alt-Left Over Charlottesville
Says He Wants FACTS Unlike Reporters - Alt-Left 'Was
Very, Very Violent' & 'Not All Protesters Are Neo Nazis'

Jeff & David Duke - Exclusive Talk With
David Right After Charlottesville - Vid

David Duke Thanks Trump For His 'Honesty And Courage'
Blaming The Non-Permit Holding Alt-Left For Charlottesville

Duke Thanks Trump For Blaming 'Alt-Left' For Charlottesville

Overview Of Charlottesville Theories - Vid

Trump Disavows Racists Over And Over Again
While Media Says Exactly The Opposite - Vid

If You're White You're Racist - Minority RACIST
Caucus Asked Trump To Fire Bannon, Miller, Gorka

CNN Panel Questions Black Guest’s 'Blackness'
Because He Supports Trump


Radical Left Funded By Soros Plans More Racially
Fueled Attacks In Seattle, Baltimore And Kentucky

Soros Astro-Turfed Signs At Anti-Trump NYC Rally

Charlottesville Vice Mayor, Calls Trump '45'
Rather Than 'President'

Charlottesville Staged Confrontation - Steve Pieczenik

Charlottesville And What It Means For ALL Of Us

ADL Had Advanced Word Of Charlottesville Mobilizing?

Bundy Ranch Trial OUTRAGE - Judge Lists Things
Defendants CAN'T Say In Their Own Defense !!!

Hacker Guccifer 1.0 - 'Hillary Clinton's Server Was
Scanned By Three Countries In 2012-13 & Mirrored'

Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit Seeking Comey’s ‘Exit Records’

GOP Congress Set To Ignore Will of People Again
As Immigration Battlefield Widens


Obama Holdovers Still Run The Show At NSC

Feast And Famine, Riots & False Flags, Mass Migration

Crowds On Demand, Celebrity Experiences For Rent,
Entourages, Paparazzi & Fans Strategic Publicity Stunts

Abolish Whiteness...And Other Things
Taught At Stanford University

Trump Tells Fox He May Pardon Sheriff Joe
Arpaio - He Should Have Already Done It

DOJ Asks For Information On Anti-Trump Site Visitors

Charlottesville Police Chief Spins FairyTales
On Questions Of The Police Response

Destruction Trumped Construction - pdf

Journalist Mysteriously Vanishes After Boarding Submarine

INSECT, BUG BURGERS Are Coming To Swiss Stores

James Corbett On Learned
Helplessness, Learned Optimism - Vid


Bolton 'Appalled' By Tillerson-Mattis OpEd N Korea
Policy Which Contradicts Trump Entirely

US & NK Warmongering Paradoxically Identical - Russia

Indy Scientists Claim N Korea Nuke Missile Claims A Hoax

US 'Ally' Ukraine Source Of N Korean Missile Engines

Russia Bashes Claims Ukrainian Rocket Engines
Being Copied By Third Parties

Pentagon No Comment Ukraine Selling Arms To N Korea

Mattis - N Korea Standoff 'Could Turn Into War Very Quickly'

‘If They Launch, It's Game On' - Pentagram - Kim Holds
Guam Missile Test Brief - It's A TEST Not An Attack

N Korea May Postpone Missile Test, If...

Discounting North Korea's ICBM Capability


S Koreans Protest THAAD Missiles, Joint Drills With US

Guam Radio Stations Terrify Locals - Accidentally
Broadcast Nuclear-Threat Warning

Will North Korea Crisis Cause Financial Meltdown
Expert Warns Of SEVERE Danger

South Korea Is Key To Peace On The Peninsula

Roberts - Hellstorm The Documentary

Crazy Trump Launches Trade War With China - Signs EO

China Won't 'Sit By' If Washington 'Destroys Trade Rules'

Soros Still Betting Against US Stock Market Despite Losses

The Fed Issues Warning As US Household
Debt Hits New All Time High

Sessions - Shut Down The Phony 'RussiaGate'
Special Prosecutor Witch Hunt

Trump Blasts Alt-Left In Charlottesville Says There Is
'Blame On Both Sides'

Hoffman - The Anti-Trump Movement Is Failing

DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors
To Antifa Website Used To Coordinate Riots


America's Most Active Hate Groups May Surprise You

Charlottesville - 'Don't Play Into The Divide & Conquer Game'

Anarchists Tear Down Confederate Statue At NC Court - Vid

Cities Step-Up Removal Of Confederate Statues
Despite Violence

Atzmon - Being In Virginia In Time

Silicon Valley Tightens Its Grip On Free Speech

Trump Trolls CNN w/Provocative Train Smash Tweet

Three CEOs Quit Trump’s Biz Panel In 24 Hours

Trump Slams 'Grandstanding' CEOs Who Quit His Council

Kirwan - Crime Victims - First To Be Forgotten

The Goolag Echopeligo


US Restaurant Industry Worst Collapse Since 2009

Neocon Idioit Pence Calls Democratic Venezuela
A Hemispheric And US Threat

Attack Venezuela? Ron Paul Rants 'Trump Can't Be Serious!'

US Wants Controls Of Venezuela Oil

Henderson Press TV - Maduro Slams Trump

Maduro Calls For Nationwide ‘Anti-Imperialist’ Drills
After Trump’s Threat Of Military Option

Taliban Letter To Trump - Accept Defeat And Withdraw
To Save American And Afghan Lives - We Agree 100%

Ukraine Hosts US Military To Be Permanently Stationed There

'Germany Should Exit NATO - Cold War Is Over'

Queen To 'Retire' At 95, Charles To Be King...But No Title


Israeli Rabbis Smuggling, Selling Jewish Babies In US

An Israel Assault On A Palestinian Hospital
Explained By Its Staff

Swiss Hotel Signs Telling Jews To Shower
Before And After Swimming Causes Row

Passenger Jet, Drone Just Miss Collision Over Israel

Israeli Suicide-Drone Maker Accused Of Live
Demo Targeting Armenian Troops

Hamas Rejects Israel ‘Lies’ That Gaza Tunnels
Are Built Under Civilian Sites

Is Trump Gearing Up To End The Iran Nuclear Deal?

Iran To Send Warship Flotilla To West Atlantic

USS Nimitz Reports Another 'Dangerous' Interaction
With Iranian Drone

IRGC Drone Patrols In Persian Gulf Will Continue

Iran Ready To Scrap Nuclear Deal ‘Within Hours’


US Military Will Build Permanent Bases In Iraq

The Middle East Makes Spies - Morris

Syrian Army Poised To Kick Daesh Out Of Hama - Vid

Saudi Crown Prince ‘Wants Out Of War With Yemen'
- Leaked Emails

Saudi Defense Minister Wants Yemen War Ended?

Yemeni Army Destroyed Arms Depot In So. Saudi Arabia

Half A Million Cholera Cases In Yemen

Saudi Jet Downs Qatar Planes In TV Animation

31 Hajj Pilgrims Die In Saudi Arabia In Day One

Details Emerge Of Saudi Kidnapping Of Defecting Royals

Taliban Tells Trump To Admit Defeat & Pull Out Of
Afghanistan To Save American, Afghan Lives

Money Laundering Scandal At Australia's Largest Bank
Triggers Another Call For Ban On Cash

Half Belgium's Economic Output Ends Up In Tax Havens

Why Cryptocurrencies Will Never Be Safe Havens

Bitcoin Drops Down $500 From Overnight Highs

'Overwhelming Demand' Sees Filecoin ICO
Raise $250 Million Without A Viable Product

'The Floodgates Are Opening' - Standpoint Predicts Bitcoin
To Hit $7500 - Goldman Raises Outlook

Bitcoin Is Now Bigger Than Paypal

The Russian Wall Street Mafia

Say Goodbye to Your Safe Deposit Box

Incredible 'Wind Powered Art' On The Beach

From Toronto To Vancouver By Rail - What A Ride


Deadly Aspartame And Your Right To Know About It

Blood Profiteering

10 Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse

GeoEngineering Causing Lethal UV Radiation Exposure

Hersh Cracks ‘RussiaGate’ As CIA-Planted Lie

Back Channel To North Korea

Big Money Runs Illinois

Startup To Put Cellphone Tower On The Moon?

The Fundamental Limits Of Machine Learning

Fewer Fast Food Outlets Don't Mean Thinner People

The Bizarre, 40 Year History Of Elvis Sightings


The Fuzzy History Of The Georgia Peach

Anger Greets Most Of Us Every Day

What Does An Eclipse Sound Like?

Celebrity Endorsements - Stop Buying It

How Marijuana Can Help Treat Addictions To Opioids

Return Of Black Death?

‘Brains LInked To Computers Will KIll Our Inner Freedom’

Rush To Stop Spread Of Drug-Resistant 'Japanese Fungus'
Found in 55 UK Hospitals

600 People Missing After Landslides in Sierra Leone

Bubonic Plague In 2 AZ Counties, Spreading Via Prairie Dogs


Kim To Trump - It's Your Move…

US Satellites See NK Moving Missiles Into Position
For Tests Which Would Take Them Near Guam

Pentagon Warns N Korea Of War, Again

N Korea May Postpone Missile Test Near Guam

NYT Shocker - US 'Ally' Ukraine Is The Source
Of North Korean Missile Engines!

H.R. McMaster Is No James Mattoon Scott

Scaramucci Says He'd Get Rid Of Bannon

War To Remove Steve Bannon Intensifies

Nunberg Threatens McMaster And Drudge

Bannon’s Enemies See A Friend In John Kelly


Why Is George Soros Agenda Trumping The President?

Charlottesville A Total False Flag, Harming Everyone - Vid

Hannity - Trump Couldn't Have Been More Clear About VA

Reporter Confirms Multiple Cops Believed Charlottesville
Driver Panicked, Was Fleeing From Violent Antifa Attack

Coordinated Soros Antifa Attacks Across US
After Charlottesville False Flag

From Morning 'Killer' Joe - Donny Douche…Trump's A Racist

The MSM Will NEVER Let Trump Win Response Game

Liberal Hate, Violence, Stupidity Are Destroying America

Liberals Answer To EVERYTHING? Violent Anarchy, Protests

Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Erupted

...'We're Leaving, It's Too Dangerous' - Vid

False Flag? - 'White Supremacist' Leader Allegedly
Is A Former Obama Supporter

Charlottesville 'Unite The Right' Organizer Said Ex Occupy
Wall St Activist And Obama Supporter

Police Stand Down Blamed For VA Protest Chaos

Charlottesville Police Called Off When Violence Erupted
...'We're Leaving, It's Too Dangerous' - Vid

Charlottesville Trump-Bashing Jewish Mayor Wrote Book
Praising Slave Owner & Author Of Three-Fifths Compromise

CNN Ana Navarro Defends Antifa Terrorists Hurling
Bricks, Using 'Flame-Throwers' On Protesters - Vid

Goal Of Zio Communist Left Is Extermination Of Conservative
White Culture And The Elimination Of The First Amendment

Sides Clash Over Confederate Monuments In Dallas

Baltimore Confederate Monuments Next To Go


Flat Earth Friedman - Can Democrats (And MSM)
Accept Where Trump Is Right? Answer…NO

Bishop E.W. Jackson On Charlottesville - 'Both Sides
Want Us Divided Racially’

Franklin Graham - 'Shame On Politicians' Blaming Trump

Soros Antifa, Polish Clash In Seattle - Left Is Silent

Charlottesville And The Takedown Of America - Morris

Assange - Silence As Obama Backed Ukraine Neo-Nazis

As His Friend Calls For Trump’s Murder, Mueller
Tries To Bankrupt Trump Associates

Obama Knew In 2014 Of Russian Attempts

New York Mag Attacks The Nation For
Questioning Russian Hacking Narrative

Bashar al-Assad Out Walking Around Damascus!

US Navy Has Another Encounter With An Iran Drone


YouTube Is Now Purging Evidence Of War Crimes
By Labeling It As ''Extremist' Content

Study Finds 3.5 Million Ghost Voters in US
More Than Entire Population Of 21 States

'Dreamers Deadline Looms For Trump

Why Is The World Legalizing Marijuana All At Once?

UFOs And Intel - Blind Spot To Surprise
...Or Deceptive Data

Strange UFOs Captured On Video In Brazil

Experts Puzzled By Underwater Mystery Object


Br Nathanael - Riders On The Storm - Vid

Kim Vanishes - Missile Launch May Be Imminent

Who's In Charge? Mad Dog, Tillerson Break Away
From Trump On North Korea Policy - Trump Left Alone

US Ready To Use Nukes Against N Korea - US Officer

NK Main Economic Lifeline Falls As China Bans Key Imports

US JCS Chair Dunford In S Korea For Talks On NK

Largest-Ever Patriot Missile Defense Upgrade Now In S Korea

Trump’s North Korea Rhetoric Worries South Korea

CIA Boss - 'We're Not On The Cusp Of A Nuclear War'

Just How Scared Are Americans Of North Korea

CIA Director Pompeo Fear-Mongering

Escobar - Is N Korea Showing The Emperor Is Naked?

Korean Comfort Women Statues Placed On
Buses Passing Japanese Embassy

Roger Stone - McMaster Has Been Briefing George Soros

Soros Owned And Influenced Anti-American Events

15,000 Nuclear Weapons In The World - Who Has What

RussiaGate's Fatally Flawed Logic

NATO Double-Thinking Reaches Brain-Dead Condition

Rubio Targeted For Assassination By VZ Lawmaker

WaPost's War On Venezuela

CIA Boss Now Says 'Iran, Hezbollah And
Russians’ Involved In VZ Pose 'Risk' To US


Denunciation Of Trump's Threat Of Force vs Venezuela

Pence Defends Trump’s Military Threat Against Venezuela

Confirmed - Cops Ordered To Stand Down In Charlottesville

Sessions Concedes Charlottesville Was Domestic Terrorism

The Idiots In Charlottesville Don't Represent
What Most Americans Think Or Do

Hoffman - The Fiasco in Charlottesville

Alt Right Activists Are Being Outed On Twitter
And FIRED From Their Jobs

Brink Of Civil War? MSM Pushing Americans To Boiling Point

Charlottesville Signals Dystopian Times - Morris

McCain Gains Popularity After He Goes Against GOP

American Citizen Held By Immigration Enforcement
For Over 3 Years Without Lawyer


IL Government Forces 32% Income Tax Increase

USGS Warns CA Needs Close Monitoring Of 8 Volcanoes

Shamir Urges Trump - 'Bring Me The Head Of Jeff Bezos'

Moldova To Become Foothold For US Military

ISIS Terrorists Plotting Attacks In Moscow Arrested

Russia Says US Has Failed In Afghanistan
And That Troops Should Leave Now

Over Half The $76 Billion In US Military Aid Sent
To Afghanistan Since 2002 Has Been STOLEN

Henderson Press TV - Afghan War Trump’s Dilemna

Afghan Heroin Funded US Political Campaigns, Black Ops

Yes Congress, Afghanistan Is Your Vietnam

Italy Hails Libya's Ban Of 'Refugee' Rescue Vessels


German NGO Stops Rescue Missions Of Black Africans

What? German Court Protects ISIS From 'Defrauding'

Europe - Burkini War Continues

Shlomo Sand Forthrightly Anti-Zionist - Says
Anti-Zionism Is NOT Anti-Semitism

Israeli And PA Oppression Of Palestinians

Netanyahu Backs Partitioning Iraq For Kurdish State

Israel Issues Restraining Order Against Striking
Workers At Dimona Reactor

Israel To Become 'High Priest' Of International
Medical Marijuana Industry (big surprise…)

Bibi Seeks Power To Declare War w/o Full Gov' Support

Iran To Strengthen Its Defense in
Response To New Sanctions

‘Iran 1st Country To Sanction US Over Terror Support’


ISIS…The Front Line Soldiers Of The Zionist Regime

Russia Offers Help For Iraq To Restore Mosul Power

Russia To Boost Iraqi Army Potential With
Upcoming Supplies of T-90 Battle Tanks

Google Shuts Down Daily Stormer

GoDaddy Bans Daily Stormer

Doom - Please No More Leaders For Higher Ed!

Bitcoin Blows Through $4000 As Asian Demand Soars

US Launches Quiet Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies

Is Ethereum About To Unseat Amazon Cloud?

$1 In Bitcoin Seven Years Ago Now Worth $1.4 Million

Russian Economy Rising Despite New US Sanctions

Chinese Student Teen Dies 48 Hrs After
Entering Internet Addition Camp


'White Supremacist' Leader In Charlottesville, Jason
Kessler, Was Obama Supporter

Random Person At Protests Interviewed By MSNBC, NYT Is
Is A Deep State Shill Linked to George Soros

Trump Cleverly Rips Merck Exec For Quitting Jobs
Council Over WH Response To Charlottesville

Encore! Br Nathanael - Riders On The Storm - Vid

Could A Nuke War In Asia Effect You? Absolutely

A Short History Of End Of The World

The Psychology Of A Nuclear Standoff

James Rickards - 'War Is Almost Inevitable'

Hannity Exposes Assassination Threat Against Trump


Multiple High-Level US Officials Publicly Warn
Of Government Plot To Assassinate Trump

White House Plotters Working To 'Eject’ Trump

Could Mike Pence Be The Next President?

NATO & Western Militarism in A Multipolar World

David Duke Slams Trump ‘Attack’ - ‘We Were Peaceful…
Attacked By Same Radical Leftists Who Hit Your Supporters’

Why Won't Trump Call Out Radical White Terrorism?

Cernovich Asks WH Correspondents Why They
Won’t Cover Antifa’s Crimes

Soros Funded ANTIFA False Flag Violence
At Charlottesville Rally In Virginia

Globalist McMaster Calls Soros-Promoted False Flag
In Charlottesville A Terror Attack

Racist Law Profs Say White Society Responsible

'Final Warning' To 'White People' Goes Viral On
Twitter After Charlottesville Rally


Why This All Ends in Civil War - Radical Leftist
Fascism Meets Right-Wing Nationalism

Nexus Services Will Pay Bail For Deep State
Antifa Alt-Left Counter-Protesters

Pocahontas Liz Warren - Never, Ever, Going
To Build Your Stupid Wall - Vid

The Anti-Border Wall Protesting Begins In Earnest

FBI Expands Hillary Email Investigation After
Confidential Messages Discovered

Chelsea Mocked For Mentioning Moms In Prison Program

Br Nathanael - Dreaming At The Wailing Wall

5G Roll Out NOW - The Serious Dangers WE Face!

The Court And Your Castle

‘Historic’ Baal Arch Said ‘Ancient Evil Manifesting Itself’

See If Hackers Already Have Your Passwords


Massive Wave Anomaly From Antarctica
Covers All Of South America

Market Flooded With Dangerous Fake Eclipse Glasses

The Deadly Grizzly Attacks That Changed
The National Park Service Forever

The Church Of Cannabis

Freud The Philosopher

The Real Size Of US Demand For Cannabis

Modern Psychedelic Science Is Finding New Cures

91 Volcanoes Found Arctic Ice, Blow TO
Climate Alarmists

Global Temps Are Lower Today Than When Gore
First Pushed His Global Warming Junk Science

Toronto Sun Publishes Hoffman’s Letter Of Protest
Over The Cruel Column About Ernst Zundel


N Korea Ignores War Threat, Holds Huge Party For Kim

Proof NK Is MUCH MORE Prepared Than We Think

CIA Boss - No Imminent Threat Of N Korea Nuke War

Is Trump Spear-Heading A Bluff On N Korea?

NK Learns From US 'Regime Change' - Won't Disarm

Loopy Lindsey On N Korea And Russiaa

Arms Stocks Soar While Trump, Kim Trade Threats

Even A 'Minor' Nuke War Would Be Ecological Disaster

Continuity Of Agenda - Trump’s 'Fire And Fury'
BS Brewed Under Bush And Obama

US Deep State Wants Trump Out - John Pilger


Netflix Show Host Calls For Military Coup In US

Kirwan - Soros-Owned & Influenced Anti-American Orgs

Americans Shouldn't Buy Bomb Shelters,
Just Stop Threatening Other Nations Instead

Roberts - How Conspiracy Theories Really Work

‘Guccifer’ Claims ‘Guccifer 2.0’ In US Government

Challenging America's Military Madness

Trump, DEFCON 1, Wile E. Coyote And Run
For The Fallout Shelter

If War Comes, Don't Blame Military-Industrial Complex
…It's Much Worse Than You Think

Kirwan - The Pyramid Code, The Imbalance Between
The Sexes That's Killing The Human Race

New Classroom - No Grades, No Failing, No Worry, No Hurry

Craig's List Ad - Recruiting Antifa Protestors @ $25 Hr

VA Gov Lashes Out A White Patriots

Charlottesville Gives Police Right To Restrict Movement

Cruz, Other GOP Senators Call For VA Car
Attack To Be Called Domestic Terror

Trump Slams 'Many Sides’ After Charlottesville Clashes

Diamond & Silk Call Out YouTube Over Censorship


Amateur Lands Drone On Biggest UK Aircraft Carrier

Why Google Fired James Damore

Black NFL Players Begin Their Sit-Down
During National Anthem

Charlottesville And Venezuela

'Dear Trump - What The F**k Business Is VZ Of Ours?"

Lendman - Undeclared US War On Venezuela

Trump Wants To Destabilize Latin America By
Threatening VZ With Military Force – VZ FM

Mexico Against Military Option In Venezuelan Crisis

Latin America Rejects US Military Threat Against VZ

Trump To Investigate Alleged China Trade Violations

South China Sea Tensions Escalate As
Risks Involve More And More Countries

Has Narenda Modi Switched Sides?

Oz Is Crossing The Line Into A Totalitarian State


Russian Federation Sitrep, 8-12-17

Debunking Myths About Weapons Deliveries To Ukraine

US Taxpayer Begins Building Operational Command
For Ukrainian Navy

Iraq Is Occupied US Territory

Al-Qaeda's 'Inspire' Magazine Targets US Commuter
Trains With Homemade 'Derailment Devices'

Mars Radiation Instrument Proves Human Hazard Exists

Russia Eyes Rapid Middle East Energy Expansion

Trump Warns Xi - Trade War With China Begins Monday

Chinese Bank Suffers 'Rare' Bank Run

Bitcoin Spikes Over $3800 As Institutional Interest Soars

Times Believes RT’s Factual Reporting Of Decision
To Shut UK Accounts Was Fake News


Miliband Says Second Brexit Vote Needed
(So The Vote Can Be Rigged This Time)

Russian Anti-Sub Destroyer Enters Mediterranean

Syrian Army Receives More Flying Tanks

Seven White Helmets Members Shot Dead In NW Syria

Syrians Return Home In Droves, Mostly To Aleppo

Lebanon - Hezbollah Finds Saudi-Supplied Equipment
In Terrorists' Positions At Border With Syria

US Fighter Jet Crashes In Bahrain

Yemeni Pol - 'War Against Us Was Started By The US'

300 Israelis Desert Military Service In Occupied Lands

Israeli Minister Rubbed Onion In Eyes To 'Cry Tears'

Doctors Without Borders Suspends Migrant Rescues In Med


N Korea Has No Chance Against The US
And Guam Is A Bluff Says Russian General

N Korea Says It is Ready To Launch The 'Final Attack'

N Korea Displays Sub-Based Missiles For First Time

Putin Doesn't Lie - Real Reason US Wants To Oust Kim
Is N Korea's $7 Trillion In Precious Minerals - Not 'Nukes'

China Orders Trump To Back Off North Korea

N Korean Reunification Could Cost $10 Trillion

Why Kim Jong-Un’s Strategy Makes Sense

Inside Trump’s Air Force And Navy Bases On Guam

Musk Says AI Is A Vastly Bigger Risk Than North Korea

Trump Advisor Omarosa Manigault Hassled On Stage
At Black Journalists Convention - Vid

An Objective Account Of The #UniteTheRight Event

Car Attack In Virginia - Who Is Richard Spencer?


Dying Ex-MI5 Assassin Claims Royals Ordered Diana's
Death And He Led The Operation

Drivers Battle With Muslims Desperate To Reach UK

Sweden Insanity - Welcome Muslims...Deport Christians

Undeclared US War On Venezuela

Nuclear Anxiety Returns To America

When The Grid Goes Down...

Don't Be Fooled. Airstrikes Are War

Global GeoEngineering News Alert 8-12-17

The Terrifying Mystery Of Suffocating US Fighter Pilots

Inside Israel’s Doomsday Spaces

The Simulator Training Marines For WW3 With Russia


The Tiny WVa Town Haunted By An NSA Secret

Sessions And The Great Cannabis Shakedown

That Time US School Kids Were Given
Dog Tags Because Of Nukes

Eclipse-Watching Towns Are Going To Be
Absolutely Slammed

The Planet's Worst-Case Climate Scenario

The Scariest 25 Minutes On US Television

How Thick Is A Continent?

The 3,500-Year History Of Sonic Warfare

Intense Physical Activity Can Be Done Safely At Any Age

What Plants Talk About (Full Documentary)


N Korea Says It's 'On Standby To Launch' - Warns Trump
Of 'Tragic Doom' For The US

Trump Tells NK It Will 'Regret It Fast' If It Hits Guam

Xi Tells Trump To Show Restraint In North Korea

China To 'Punish Anyone' Who Destabilizes Korean Peninsula

Risks Of N Korea-US Conflict Are High - Lavrov

N Korea Says 3.5m Volunteers 'Ready To Fight US'

North Korea Issues 'Emergency Standby Orders'
To Civil Defense Units: Report

Does Kim Jong-Un's Strategy Make Sense?


CNN - Brutal Talk Is What N Korea Needs

How US Would Wage Nuclear War Against North Korea

Can US Attack North Korea And Claim ‘Self Defense’?

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