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Bare Naked Islam

Refugee Resettlement Watch - Tracking The Invasion

Merkel Welcomes More Muslim Refugees
Slaughter Of Germany Nears

Muslims Feed On The Corpse Of Sweden

Black Somalis Say 'Drought Causes Women To Be Raped'

Captive ISIS Killer Says Mass Rapes Are 'Normal'

Saudi Student Rapes Two MA Children 5 & 9...Sent Home To SA

Mexican-Muslim Woman Abducted
Woman Who 'Shamed' Muslims

Captured ISIS Terrorist Tell Of Life As Killer

Black African 'Migrant' Hits Indian Woman, Drags Her 3 Mi

Guess WHO Is Selecting The Muslim Illegals Being Sent West

US Pastors Pres - Jihadists Practice What Koran Teaches

Sweden Took 162,000 Muslims In 2016, 494 Got Jobs

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 5 - pdf


Jeff & Ralph Ring - Inventor Otis T. Carr,
Nikola Tesla & Anti-gravitic Spacecraft


Massive Radiation Fries Another New Fukushima Robot


Kirwan - The Betrayal Of The Nation Is Complete

Pence In Europe - Assures NATO Of 'Unwavering' US Support
What Happened To Trump & We Should Get Out Of NATO?

Kirwan - Trump Is Not What He Claimed To Be

Did Trump Just Blink? 'Soft' Coup Attempt
Reveals The Power Behind The Throne

Buchanan - The Deep State Targets Trump

Kucinich - Trump CIA, State Forcing New Cold War w/Russia

Trump - US 'Looking Seriously At Big Order'
Of Upgradedf F-18 Super Hornet Fighter Jets

Who Really Rules The United States?


DHS Insider Warns 'It's Spy Versus Spy'

Tillerson Firing Holdover State Dept Staffers In Droves

Trump Purges State Depart '7th Floor Shadow Govt'

Stone - ‘CIA Leaks Like A Sieve'

Over 100 New Protests Organized Against Trump

The Great Establishment Wailing

Lawmakers Probe US Funding For Soros Groups
And Left Wing Causes In Europe

Pizzagate Freak John Podesta Lectures
Trump About 'Undermining Reality' !

Judicial Watch Sues FBI, NSA, CIA For Flynn Records

S/S Probe After Object Hits Trump Motorcade

Greenwald - Pelosi & Chuckie Schumer
Leading Collapsed Party Of Shills

Dems Question Trump's Sanity And Get
Blasted For 'Weaponizing Mental Health'


Jewish Dems, Neocons, Cuckservatives, (MSM)
And ADL All Unite To Stump Trump

Ford Exec Trolls Trump - We Didn’t
Cancel Plans For Mexican Factories

Mystery Return Of Pentagon Secret X-37B Spaceplane

Trump Declares CNN, NYT, CBS, ABC And NBC
Are 'The Enemy Of The American People' (correct)

Trump At War With Media Scum

More US Voters Think Trump Truthful, Not Media

WaPost Owner Secretly Doing Business With CIA

Judge Sets Stage For Defamation Case That CNN
'Reckless Reporting' Constitutes 'Actual Malice'

RT Chief Describes Campaign Of Intimidation,
Harassment By US Mainstream Media

Italian Senators Mull Fake News As A Crime
Punishable By Fines And Jail Time

BBC 'Impartiality' Blasted Over
Map Of Israel...No Palestine

Br Nathanael - Trump Fights Israel's War On Iran - Vid


The Horrors Of PizzaGate And Beyond - Part 1

We Are Under The Mother Of All Financial Bubbles

'Mastermind' Of 1993 WTC Bombing Is Dead

Paris Cops Flee From Black Muslm Animal Mobs

'Panicked' Illegals Flood Mexican Consulates Across US

CA City Erects 'Prison Camp' To Deal With Homeless

11 Deeply Alarming Facts About Crumbling US Infrastructure

Steele - Kindle Short - Emergency Memo To Trump

The Cold War Never Ended Says Lavrov

Russian Strategic Bombers Hit ISIS In Raqqa

Russia Denies Violating INF Treaty Provisions

Ukraine’s NATO Referendum A Vote For War

Br Nathanael - Why Michael Flynn Resigned


UK Aims To Roll Out New Defense Strategy

Tokyo To Double E China Sea Naval Build-Up

German Def Min Warns Trump Over Russia Detente

Iran FM Refutes Israeli Claims vs Tehran Nuclear Program

Israeli Hype About Iran Defense Program Fake - Zarif

EU, IAEA Reaffirm Commitment To Iran Deal

Russia Starts Rebuilding Syrian Army After 6 Years Of War

US Troops In Syria To Add Fuel To Fire In Region - Iran

Tragic Fate Of Yazidi Children - Forced ISIS Suicide Bombers

Jewish Group Opposes Trump Pick For Israel Ambassdor

Israeli Soldiers Suicides Near Gaza Border

State-Sponsored Hackers Took Over IDF Soldiers Phones


Netanyahu Leaves Communications Minister Post

Womanless Israeli IKEA Catalog Designed
For Ultra-Orthodox Jews Draws Criticism

Filipina Maid Enslaved In Kuwait For Nine Years

Pakistan's Main Port City Harboring Anti-India Jihadis

Pro-Brexit Voters Suspicious Of All
Experts – Even Weather Forecasters

Delusional, Messianic Blair Urges Revolt Against Brexit

Germany Ban US-Made Smart Doll That Spies On Ckkhildren

Powerful Documentary On Chemtrails - Vid

Global GeoiEngineering News Alert 2-18-17

Life Formulates Our Thinking - Morris

Visualizing Gold's Value And Rarity

50,000 Year Old Life Forms Found In Mexico Caves


Obama Holdover 'Shadow Govt' Plotting Undermine Trump

Chilling Warnings About Deep State’s War On Trump

Steele - Flynn Was Ousted After Obtaining DC Pedo List

WaPo Tries To Intimidate Trump From
Showing Off Air Force One At FL Rally

White House Blasts Fake AP Report That
100,000 Troops Will Round Up Illegal Aliens

Council On Foreign Relations - The Power Behind Big News

Ex Clinton Super PAC Begins Targeting
Vulnerable GOP Members Of Congress

SecState Tillerson FIRES Deep State '7th Floor' Traitors

A Civil War Is On Between The Deep State And Trump

The Deep State Targets Trump

McCain Duped Into Thinking Ukraine's Porky On Phone


Fake Scholarship On 'Fake News'

CNN's Acosta Is Like 'Stalker From Broken Relationship'

WaPo Tries To Intimidate Trump From
Showing Off Air Force One At FL Rally

CIA’s Blueprint For Syrian Regime Collapse

North Korea - Macbeth With Nukes

Paris - Tourists Warned As Muslim Mobs Attack

'Stop Obeying The EU' Le Pen BLASTS Italy

Why So Many Families Are
Feeling Extreme Financial Stress

Power To Google Everything They See

Gates Wants To Tax Job-Killing Robots

Retail Store Demands Everyone Have
Cop-Run Facial Recog Before Entry

Dwarf Planet Ceres May Host Alien Life

Alien Bugs Won't Escape On Earth

J Allen Hynek And A Canadian UFO Study


Watch 104 Satellites Fire Out Of Indian Rocket

Severe Floods Hit Saudi Arabia

Hallucinations Are Very Common

Prepping Supplies - The Medical Bag

Graphic Showing What's Actually Inside Nutella

Play Paul Simon's Piano Or Croon Into Elvis’ Mic

‘Black Sails’ & Concepts of Spiritual Warfare

The Privacy Enthusiast’s Guide to Using an iPhone

Spanish Mayor To Call In Exorcist Over Town Hall Haunting


CIA Agent - Flynn Was Ousted After Obtaining DC Pedo List

SecState Tillerson FIRES Deep State '7th Floor' Traitors

A Civil War Is On Between The Deep State & Trump

DHS Insider Warns 'It's Spy Versus Spy'

The Deep State Targets Trump

Who Rules The United States?

Roberts - The Trump Presidency...RIP

Trump's ex-NSA Michael Flynn Meets His Match

Trump Going After Leakers

Donald Trump Orders DOJ Of Intel Leaks…Says
Flynn Was Just Doing His Job (then bring him BACK)


Ex-Gawker Group Launches TellOnTrump.Com With Ad
Campaign Targeting Potential Government Leakers

How It Will Work - Tell On

Robert Steele - One-Page Memo To Trump
On Violent American Spring, What To Do

What The Hell? Trump Labor Nominee
Supports Amnesty & Cheap Foreign Labor!

Gen Kellogg's Disastrous Role In The Iraq War, Occupation

Trump On Russia - Getting Along Is Great
...Sinking Their Ships Isn't

Robert Steele - Donald Trump’s Next 7 Moves

Pompeo Denies CIA Hides Intel From Trump

Trump Repeals Obama's Job-Killing Stream Rule

Chaffetz Seeks Charges vs Ex Hillary IT Aide Pagliano

Russia Denies Putin-Trump Relations Have Chilled


Insider Interview With DHS - PizzaGate, PedoGate, More

According to Fake News Pukes, President Trump
And NOT President Obama Divided America

CBS Anchor - The Press Ruined Its Own Reputation

Nearly 2 Million Illegal Hispanics Registered To Vote

King County WA Seeks $750,000 For Muslim Invaders

African-American Woman Slams Sanctuary Cities
Says 'Sanctuary Cities Are Racist'

WH Denies AP Report 100,000 Troops To Round Up Aliens

CNN President Praises Trump-Bashing Agenda

Jerry Kushner Complained About CNN Trump
Coverage In Meeting With Time Warner Execs

Assange Chides Trump’s Anti-Leak & Fakes News Stance

Facebook Live Streams Four Murders In One Day

On A (blessed) ‘Day Without Immigrants’ President Trump
Puts Thousands Of AMERICAN Coal Miners Back To Work


NYT Big Lies About Trump's Ties To Russia

Establishment Forms Bloc vs Trump Getting Along w/Putin

Trump Chaos, Deep Yiddish State, Putin Cools It - Morris

Mixed Trump Administration Message On Russia

Why Reports On 'Russian Fake-News' Are Fake

Moscow Denies Russian Media Told To Write Anti-Trump

Russian Intel Ship Approaches US Naval Base In Virginia

US Imperial Lawlessness

Putin - NATO Trying To Force Russia Into War

Moscow Warns NATO On Its Black Sea Buildup

NATO To Boost Naval Presence In Black Sea

NATO's Provocative Zionist Anti-Russia Buildup

NATO Deployment In Baltics Is 'Defensive' - Mattis (BS)


US Defense Industry Rubs Hands With Glee
As Mattis Demands NATO Allies Spend More

Kirwan - Netanyahu...The Cheshire Cat Is Back

US Senators Seek New Anti-Iran Sanctions

Israeli Tool Trump Accuses Iran Of Backing Terror

Iran - US, Israeli Leaders New Claims Are 'Worthless'

Trump Burning Iraq Bridges Over 'Take The Oil' Remarks

Tillerson Denies US Willing To Scrap Iran Deal

Israel To Proceed Building West Bank 'Settlements'

Record Number Of Pal Homes Destroyed By Jews In 2016

January Bloodiest Month Since June In Israel

Hezbollah Urges Israel To Dismantle Dimona Reactor

Russian Long-Range Bombers Launch New
X-101 Cruise Missile Strikes On ISIS In Raqqa


Will Kiev's War On Donbass Spread Elsewhere?

Globalization - First World (USA & Others)
Subsidize Chinese International Shipping Costs

At 'World Govt Summit' Top Globalists Drop Their Masks

In Davos, Globalists Hail Leadership of Communist Chinese Tyrant

US Communities Targeted For 'Blue Zone' Social Eng

CDC Cancels ‘Phony’ Climate Change Conference

Defense Contractor - Altering Atmosphere For Military Goals

USAF Said Developing Replacement For F-35 Turkey

Lockheed to Supply Poland Laser-Guided F-16 Bombs

General Dynamics To Build 2 Virginia-Class Nuke Subs

Senators Bill Hastens Missile Transfer To Counter Russia

Why Did CIA Hire Legendary Psychic Ingo Swann?


Oroville Dam Tested By Three Storms In One Week

Internal Secession & The Road To Ruin - Two Countries

Road To Hell Was Paved With College Safe Spaces

Media Silent As Mystery Illness Plagues Residents
One Year After Historic LA Gas Leak

Russia to Clear Entire Soviet-Era Debt By Year End

‘The Eurozone Isn’t Working’ - Greenspan

Greece - 'Not One More Euro' From Its Impoverished People

French Cops Get More Rights To Use Weapons In Self-Def

Poll Predicts Merkel Loss Of Chancellor Post To Rival Schulz

German Intel Clears Russia Of Election Interference


Netanyahu - The US And Israel Have A Grand MIssion Ahead
…To Confront Iran (That Means Another War For Israel)

Priebus Gives Most Important Job In White House To
DiStefano - To HIRE Over 500 KEY Admin Personnel

Press Can't Stand That Trump Isn't Afraid Of Them

CIA Boss Pompeo Says Nothing Being Hidden From Trump

Trump's Approval Rating Continues To Rise

Journalists Upset Trump Calls On Conservative Media

Trump Blasts Jewish Reporter For Set-Up, Same Old
'Anti-Semitism' Crap - Another Lowlife 'Journalist' Exposed

How Spooks Played The Game - 'Kill Mike Flynn'

Forget Flynn - Logan Act Could Ensnare Top Est Insiders


Illuminati, Human Trafficking & Satanic Ritual Death Exposed

Illuminati Scientists Plan To Alter And Control
Our MINDS - Distort Morals, Plant Memories

Rand Paul Walks Out On Paul Ryan Obamacare Mtng

Doubts Grow That GOP Can Repeal Obamacare

Biggest EU Banks Off On The Mother Of All Debt Binges

Why So Many Families Are
Feeling Extreme Financial Stress

FBI Raid Massive Pedo Ring At US Adoption Agency

FBI - Mass Arrests Made In Sex Trafficking Sting In Detroit

Chelsea Clinton Supports 6x Deported
Violent Convicted Criminal Illegal Alien

The Mystery Of Wikileaks' Cryptic 'Vault 7'
Do You Know What This Means?

Doom - (Your) Penn State Scandal Cost - $237 Million

USGS Records Small Earthquakes Near Oroville Dam


CA Schools Cut Meat, Cheese From School
Lunches Because Of Global Warming

Maryland May Teach Kids Boys Presumed
Guilty In Rape Accusation Cases

GOP Bill To Eliminate The EPA Is
Literally One Sentence Long

Trump & The Inevitable Financial Crisis

Prof Says Trump Election Is 'Terrorism'
Student Records It, Gets Suspended

State Medical Kidnapping, Forcing
Dangerous Treatments On Children

Modern Education And The System Of Deception

Ex EPA Sr Scientist Confirms Fluoride Lowers Kids IQ

The Arch Of The Temple Of Baal’ Has Debuted In Dubai

8 Things Congress Has Done While
Everyone Was Distracted By Trump

WI Univ Students Demand Free Tuition For Blacks

Top 4 Reasons CNN Gets Called 'Fake News'

It's Against German Law To Call Muslim Rapists 'Scum'


DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 6 - pdf
Wake Up! We're At WAR, Like It Or Not!

JoeTalk - It's Time For A Posse

Scientists Plan To Refreeze The Arctic

Obscure Fault SoCal More Dangerous Than Thought

Drones Will Fly People Around Dubai This Summer

Police Investigate UFO Sighting In Spain

Aliens Almost Certainly Existed - Churchill

Navy Says No UFO

New Vision For ET Disclosure

Spying On You Through Your Prescriptions?

Slightly Strange History Behind Fingernail Clipping

Student Investigated For Giving Homeless Free Haircuts

Eight Secrets Of The Taj Mahal


Harward Says NO To Trump - Rejects National Security Post

Is The NSA The Real President Of The United States?

How The Spooks Played The Game, 'Kill Mike Flynn!'

Verge Of Treason - US Spies Withhold Intel From Trump

'Info Civil War' Between US Intelligence, Trump Admin

Kucinich Backs Trump, Gives Dire Warning On Deep State

Trump - 'I Didn't Come Along And Divide This Country'

Trump Urges 'Failing' NYT, Other Media
To Apologize Over Leaking Classified Data

Trump Attacks ;Low-Life Leakers'

Machon - ‘Flynn Sacrificed To Stop Trump
From Resetting US Relations With Russia

Putin Orders Russian Media To 'Cut Back'
On Positive President Trump Coverage


Western Media Bias Becoming Blatantly Obvious

Republicans Ask DOJ To Probe Illegal Leaks On Flynn

Public Should Demand To See The Flynn Transcript

Trump May Name Ally To Do Review Of Intel Services

Report - Trump To Send More
US Combat Troops To Syria

SOCOM Commander - Govt In 'Unbelievable Turmoil'

29,000 Ink Petition Urging Trump To Expel Soros From US

Kushner Is Mossad...& Israeli Intel
On An Industrial Scale In US

Will Trump Succeed In Restoring America, Or Will
His Enemies Drag Him (And The Country) Down?

Dems & Neocon Warmongers In Unholy Alliance vs Trump

Lawmakers Intro Bill To Stop Trump Lifting Russia Sanctions

No Change in Pointless US Hostility Toward Russia

Trump - New Russian Missile Won't Harm US
Ability To Work With Moscow In Future

Pentagon Chief Rejects Military Co-op With Russia
(More Apparent Conflict Within Trump Administration)

Mattis Has Little Doubt Russia Interfered In Elections

Senator Admits US Hands Just As Dirty As Russia's


Explosive New Hacking Scandal Has Dem Fingerprints

USAF Orders Low Frequency Upgrades To B-2s

Lockheed Gets Two Trident Missile Contracts In A Week

ACLU Boss Quits After Daughters Find Men In Bathroom

Now ‘Gays’ Force Beliefs Onto Christian T-Shirt Maker

Oroville Dam Officials Should Have Listened To Warnings

Oroville Crisis Exposes The Vulnerability
Of Entire US National Dam System

NYT Uses Valentine's Day To Promote 'Holocaust'

Atzmon - Exactly Who Is It That Is In Denial?

Netanyahu Says Trump Is 'Greatest Supporter Of Israel

Trump Accuses Iran Of Seeking To Develop Nukes

Iran Slams US For 'Biased' Meddling In Its Affairs

Pals Support Trump’s Call For Israeli Settlements ‘Pullback’
(Trump Plays Political Theater…Nothing Will Slow 'Settlement's)


Adolf Hitler Impersonator Arrested In Austria

US Strikes, ISIS Sabotage On Key Syrian Dam

Guess WHO Is Selecting The Muslim
Illegals Being Sent West

'Let All Illegals Into Oscars Unvetted Or You're Bigots'

Stone-Throwing Muslims Bloody Christians In MI

US Pastors Pres - Jihadists Practice What Koran Teaches

Sweden Took 162,000 Muslims In 2016, 494 Got Jobs

Nutter de Blasio Paradrops Leaflets Over Schools - 'We
Won't Turn Our Back On Immigrant Brothers & Sisters'

Communist Courts - Living By Christian Faith Illegal
Does That Make Living By ISLAM Illegal, Too?

African Attacks On White Australians Increasing

Muslims Kill Christian Pastor in Central African Rep

No Charges For Suspected Muslim Hate-Crime Hoaxer

Beloit Student Faked Muslim Hate Crime For Attention

Putin - NATO Keeps Trying To Draw Russia Into War


Intl Terror Armies' Get Support From 'Certain Nations' - Putin

Russian Security Prevented 45 Terror Crimes In 2016 - Putin

Putin Orders Reinforcement Of Russia Far East, Arctic Borders

2nd Suspect In Kim Jong-nam Murder Nabbed In Malaysia

China May Bar Foreign Ships From Passing
Through Its Territorial Waters

US Eyes Large-Scale Navy Revamp Plan

Indian Navy Trains To Fight Chinese Subs In Major Dril

Farage Warns Euro Parliament - 'You're In
For An Even Bigger Shock In 2017'

Nationalist Wilders Becomes Frontrunner Of Dutch Election

Only 20% Of Europeans Want Muslim Immig To Continue

Hunger Games: Swedes Told To 'Stock Homes With Food

Deutsche Bank - No Link Between Trump Finances, Russia

Soros Bought Huge Goldman Sachs Stake After Trump Won


Globalists Strike Back - Major Push Toward Cashless Society

The Goal Of Socialists Is Socialism - Not Prosperity

College Demands Females Have Vaginal Ultrasounds

NV Senator Intros Bill Outlawing Microchipping Humans

High Path H7N9 In 2017 Taiwan Case

Mystery Of Woman Who Fell
To Death At 9/11 All Seeing Eye

Oculus, Ground Zero All-Seeing Eye
To 'Open' Each Year On 9/11

Global Effort To 'Repeal And Replace' United Nations

Efforts To Cause Global Warming, Ice
Melting Indication Is Scientifically Found

12 TSA Agents Indicted For Smuggling $100m Of Cocaine

JoeTalk - JFK All Over Again

Drug Resistant Malaria In UK Brought In
By Blacks Going And Coming From Africa


Teachers Resign After Secret Vid Shows Them
'Playing' The Sick, Crude 'MFK' Game

IRS Won't Reject Tax Returns That Don't
Answer Health Insurance Question

PayPal Freezes CDN Company's Acct Over Word 'Syrian'

St. Louis Passes Bill To Be Abortion Sanctuary City

After 40 Yrs, Heiress Gets Wish That Her
Villa Would Become A Winter White House

Getting Rich Off Left-Wing Activism

Planetary Lockdown, GeoEngineering & The Deep State

Mortgage Delinquencies Rise Most In 7 Years

Zealandia - Study Confirms Earth Has Hidden Continent

Woolly Mammoth On Verge Of Being Brought Back


Coup Underway To Weaken Or Oust Trump

Open War Declared As Deep State Goes Nuclear
...Says 'Trump Will Die In Jail'

Trump Must Knock Down The 3 Deep State Pillars

NYT Anti-Trump Jihad

McMullin - President Trump Is A 'Domestic Enemy'

Obama Expanded NSA Power Days Before Leaving Office

The Jewish White House - Top Adviser Stephen Miller

Report - Soros Gave Jared Kushner $259 Million
Line Of Credit - Kushner Said Behind Trumps Grief


The Guy Trump Just Put In Charge Of
Economy Has Deep Ties To George Soros

Kirwan - Shredding The Soros-Clinton Purple Revolution

Soros-Backed Group Urges EU To Nuke 'Populist' Poland

Trump Turns Truth On Its Head For Rogue State Of Israel

Fed, State Cops Execute Warrants On NH Rep Who
Owns 3 Pizza Shops Many Think Are Pedo Related

PizzaGate Arrests And Busts Said Occurring

Lavrov And Tillerson To Meet In Germany

Flynn - Minding Our Own Business vs Saving The World

Flynn's Head Rolls, Is Trump's Next?

The Imperial Presidency Of Donald Trump


Soros-Backed Group Urges EU To Nuke 'Populist' Poland

Trump - 'Fake News Media Is Going Crazy
With Conspiracy Theories Blind Hatred'

Washington Is Out to Get Steve Bannon

Moore Calls For Hillary To Be Installed, Trump Arrested

Obama’s Minions Aim To Humble Trump Presidency

Crews Work Late On Oroville Dam Emergency Spillway
Three Storms Due In 6 Days

Trump Leaks = NSA, Beacon Global Strategies?

NSA Whistleblower - The Agency Is Illegally
Recording Trump’s Phone Calls To Oust Him

Obama Gave NSA Special Powers To ‘Take Down Trump’

Trump Asks Bibi To 'Hold Off On Settlements A Bit'
Backs Off Endorsing 'Two-State' Solution

Trump Says Russia 'Stole' Crimea

Russia Tells Trump Crimea Won't
Be 'Given Back' To Ukraine

Unacceptable White House Demands On Russia

'It's Over Folks' - The Neocons & The Deep State
Have Neutered The Trump Presidency

Roberts - Has The American Establishment
Opted for Thermo-Nuclear War?

Conspiracy In DC To Destroy Trump's
Inner Circle And Then Trump Himself

NWO RINO Jew Bill Kristol Backs 'Deep State' Over Trump

Top Neocon, Kristol, Exposes True Undemocratic Self

NYT Commits TREASON In Fake
News Try To Overthrow US

NYT Intent On Wrecking Trump's Administration

Word-Manipulation Used To Destroy Trump's Econ Plan

Kellyanne Conway Bashing Actually Targets Trump

Govt Ethics Office Urges 'Discipline' Against Conway

Kirwan - Trump…The Citadel Of Broken Dreams

Trump Renews Fights w/Intel Agencies - 'Just Like Russia'

The US Military's Plan To Take Over America

NYT Fake News on Trump Campaign Aides
In Contact With Russian Intelligence

US Media Reports Of Trump Ties To Russian Intel 'Laughable'

Trump - 'Russian Connection Nonsense' Is
Attempt to Hide Clinton Campaign Mistakes


NYTimes Admits No Trump-Russia 'Collusion' Found

Trump Lost Loyal Supporter In Flynn Who
Sought Better Relations With Putin And Russia

Obama Admin Supporters Led Secret Anti-Flynn Effort

Loon Michael Moore Tells Trump 'Resign By Morning
Or Face Impeachment, You Russian Traitor'

Trump To Take Action Against Classified Leaks

Flynn May Face Felony Charges For Lying To The FBI

Goodbye, Gen. Mike 'Fukushima' Flynn
Abe-TEPCO’s Agent in Washington

Flynn's Departure Ends - Trump Being Different - Morris

NYT Journalist Admits Calling The First Lady A ‘Hooker’

PA College Dems 'Invite' Students To Wear White Pins As
Reminder Of 'White Privilege'

Scientists Claim Left-Wing Violence Caused By Warming!

Despite Media Hysteria, No Rise In Deportations
From US to Mexico

Trump Continues US Imperial War On Venezuela

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Pt 5 - pdf

Why Should Muslims Feel Entitled To Move Here?


Germany's Horrific Muslim Rape Crisis - January 2017

Churchill Saw It Coming…Look & Read His Stunning Speech

State Dept Loaned Muslims Money To Travel Here!
Muslims Are All Defaulting On The Loans! (shocker)

When America Applied ‘Extreme Vetting’
To White Christian Refugees

Australians Segregating Against Muslims
To Protect Their Daughters

Iraqi Archbishop - Where Were Protesters
When ISIS Came to Kill Christians?

Yazidis To Anti-Trumpers - Where Were
You During Genocide Against Us?

The Jacksonian Era And The Trump Interlude

Trump Deploys 500 US Troops & Tanks To Romania

France Invaded Germany 3 Times Between 1914-1939


Pentagon Gets New Armored Vehicle For Major War

$202 Million For Upgrading Patriot Anti-Missile System

Pentagon Wants New 500 lb Guided Bombs For F-35A

USAF May Have Solution For F-35 Pilot Weight Problem

Israeli Companies Scored $1 Billion From F-35 Deals

Lockheed Gets $500m For New Trident Nuke Missiles

Spain To Send 6 Tanks & 350 Troops To Latvia For NATO

Canada - $309m To Upgrade 141 Light Armored Vehicles

US Apache Helicopters Now Can Control Drones In Flight

Poland Modernizing With Black Hawk Choppers

Oroville Dam Latest In Series Of CA Govt
Corruption And Environmental Failures


Trump Drops Two-State Solution Ahead Of Bibi's Visit

Germany Postpones Summit With Israel

Several EU Lawmakers Urge Action Against Israel

Woman Arrested In Killing Of Kim's Half Brother

First Daesh Tank Attack in Iraq Shows 'Vile Criminal Racket'

US Killing 5 Times More Syrian Civilians Than Russia

Iraqi Forces Grab 200 ISIS Fleeing Syria

Some 5,000 Chinese Militants Fight in Syria

NATO 'Spared No Expense' On Russia Carrier Escort

Mex Alert After Theft Of Container With Rad Materials

Ashton Kutcher Near Tears In Opening Testimony
At Senate Hearing On Human Trafficking

GMO Cattle With Human DNA Might Hold Ebola Cure

Rats With Human Kidneys


Human-Mouse Hybrids Get Freakishly Large Brains

Humanized Milk Produced By GMO Goats

GMO Mice Given Human Anal Sphincters

10 Different Forms Of Human-Animal Hybrids

Pigs Now With Human Blood

Sheep With Human Livers

Cow Eggs With Human Cells

Cat-Human Hybrid Proteins

Era Of Human-Animal Hybrids Has Begun

Malaria Superbugs Threaten Global Malaria Control

Robert Kennedy & De Niro Expose Mercury In Vaccines

Porky's Dark Age - Ukraine Facing Massive Power Outages

2 Of 3 Germans Want Merkel Out


Is The European Union Becoming The 4th Reich?

Trump To Unveil 'Passive-Aggressive' Currency War w/China

What Will Trump Do About The Central-Bank Cartel?

Rogers On Death Of Cash And Total Govt Spending Control

Biggest EU Banks Embark On The Mother Of All Debt Binges

Slave Labor Nike, Runs Equality Ad During Grammys

Rolls-Royce Posts Historic £4.6 Billion Loss For 2016

Iran Has Found 30 Billion Barrels Of Oil

NASA To Launch Cloud-Forming Rocket Into Space

Musk Sees Human Colonies Beyond Mars

Mars 2020 - Final Three Landing Sites Revealed

Record Numbers Living In Sexless Marriages In Japan

China Registers 2 New Cases of H7N9 Bird Flu


Defibrillator Battery Failures! - 34 Shutdowns During Use

Gut Bacteria Claimed To Cause Alzheimer's

Indian Rangers Protect Rhinos By Shooting Poachers

Clay Pots Restore Life To Water

Great Political,Social Leaders Always Call Out Bankers

Definite Evidence, and Maybe even Proof, of Reincarnation

Big Yale Study Shows Vax Tied To Multiple Brain Disorders

Science Sheds Light Why Microwave Heating A Bad Idea

First-Time Hacker Shut Down 20% Of
Dark Web In Fight Against Child Porn

Emergency Wound Care

Young Lottery Winner - $1.6m Prize Ruined Her Life

Earth’s Inner Core Remains Solid Despite Extreme Heat

We Don’t Know Much About Meds For Moms

Fake 'Holocaust' Narrative Invoked At Jewish
Organized 'Refugee' Rallies Across America

Aiding, Abetting, Harboring, Encouraging Illegals A Felony

Muslims Murdered 80 Million
Indians - Took Children As Slaves

Islamic Slaughter Of India - Bloodiest In World History - Vid

Trump Security Behavior At Mar-a-Lago Questioned


Conway - Trump Takes Info Leaks Very Seriously

Did CIA Just Stage Micro-Coup Against Trump Admin?

Was Pence In The Dark About Flynn?

Defiant Flynn Shares Thoughts Just Before Resignation

Dems On Flynn - 'This Is Just The Beginning'

Hannity - DC Swamp Is Rising To Take Trump Down

Secret Service Director Clancy Leaving Agency

US Spies Keep Intel From WH - They Know Russia Listens

MSM Panic As WH Questioners Become More Diverse

All The Fake News That's Fit To Print

Germany - US Combat Copters
Arrive For NATO Deployment

PressTV-White House Headed For Early Staff Shakeup?

Gee, Remember When Obama Literally
Whispered Into Russia's Ear?


Bush Family Colluded With Hillary In Try To Stop Trump

Robert Kennedy On The Vaccine Autism Coverup

Trump Crashes Mar-A-Lago Wedding With Shinzo Abe

Violent Protestor Who Blocked DeVos Is NPR Contributor

Tucker Has Berkeley Protest Leader Explain Fascism

J P Morgan And Commodity Manipulation

J.K. Rowling Goes Silent After Getting Challenged
To Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is

FB Scrubs Vid Of 'Comedian' Calling For Trump's Death

CNN - Beyoncé Grammy Loss To Adele Due To 'Racism'!

Russian Scientists Find Haul Of Meteorite Material In Iran

Roberts - Western Interests Aim To Flummox Russia


Germany Freaks As Greece May Ditch EU For Dollar

Declassified - How America Planned To Invade Italy

The US Military’s Plan To Take Over America

Where US Kept Its Actual Treasure Before Ft Knox

Vid Shows Sales Team Forced To Simulate Sex Acts

Weed Prices Dropping

Big Snowstorms Are Quite Bad For Men’s Hearts

The Crippling Fear Of Everlasting Life

Why Happy Music Makes You Do Bad Things

Oceans Are Churning Towards A Fishless Future

88 New Satellites Will Watch Entire Earth 24/7

My Name Is Cassidy (15) And I Was Raped


CIA Broke The Law To Take Out Its Critic General Flynn

Shocker - Trump Expects Russia To 'Return Crimea'
To Corrupt Ukraine - This Will Never Happen

Trump WH Wants 'Action' Against N Korea For Missile Tests

Leaks About Flynn - Trump Hunts Spies In His Admin

Russian Officials Defend Flynn - Say Trump Admin
Seems Now To Be Infected With Russophobia

Was Flynn's Sacking Hillary's Revenge?

Trump Responds To Flynn Resignation
'The Real Story Here Are The Illegal Leaks'

Hillary Says Pizzagate In Smirk Tweet To Flynn

Michael Flynn’s Resignation - A US Establishment Coup

Wiki - Flynn's Loss Caused By 'Destabilization'


Anti-Trump War Claims First Victim

Corporate US Setting Up 'War Rooms'
To Prep For Potential Trump Tweets

NATO Accuses Russia Of Fake News,
While Hysterically Warning Of WWIII

US Studying Russian Nuclear Capability

US Spots Russian intel Ship Off East Coast

Russia 'Secretly' Deploys Banned Cruise
Missile In 'Latest Challenge To Trump'

Troops In Western Russia In Snap Combat Check

FBI Uses 48 Questions To Estimate Terrorism Risk

Michael Phelps Used Meds Banned for Horses

US Rabbis Want Potential Envoy To Israel Rejected


Israeli Govt May Use Polygraphs In Debates Leaks

The Horrific US Slaughter-Bombing Of Dresden

US Using DU On ISIS - Spreading Radioactivity In Syria

Russian MoD Slams HRW's 'Amateurish'
Claims Syrian Army Used Chemical Weapons

Human Rights Watch Fake News on Syria

Schlichter Shoves Alinsky's 'Rules For Radicals'
Right Back In 'The Left's Ugly Face'

Michael Phelps Used Meds Banned for Horses

Fed Judge Rules Against Halting DAPL Work

Creating ADHD Is The New Education

Kim Jong Un's Half-Brother Assassinated In Malaysia

SPD Likely To Beat Merkel CDU In German Elections

Is The European Union Becoming The 4th Reich?

Br Nathanael - If Putin's A Killer, America's A Butcher


India 4th Country To Have HomeMade Eye In The Sky

India Pollution-Linked Death Rate Rivals China

Brazil Deploys 9,000 Soldiers To Fight Rio Crime

Greece To Hire Rothschild As Debt Adviser (huh?)

A New Jacksonian Era? Part 1

'Euro May Already Be Lost' - 'No Way To Avert Break-Up'

Credit Suisse - Another 6,500 Layoffs After 2016 Loss

Toshiba Warns Solvency In Jeopardy After
Massive Nuclear Unit Writedown - CEO Quits

Toshiba Keeps UK In Limbo Over $1 Billion Nuke Deal

Putin Period Described As Best In Russia's Last 100 Yrs

50% Of Russians Feel Unaffected By West Sanctions

1,000s Of Medical Studies Found To Be Worthless


Leaks About Flynn - Trump Hunts Spies, Moles In His Admin

Oroville Dam - 200,000 May Not Return Home For 2 Weeks

Israeli Pres - Annex West Bank, Give Pals Citizenship

Trump Taps Gen Joseph Kellogg As Flynn Replacement

Could Reince (Brutus Prebius) Be On His Way Out?

American Political Cronyism

Think The TPP Is Gone? Wrong - It's About
To Get Replaced With Something Much Worse

WaPost Fact Checker Defends Muslim Terrorists


Roberts - Globalization Of Environmental Degradation

Putin & Trump Will Meet At G20 In July

CIA Publicly Honors Massive Terrorist State

‘Blackwater Air’ Is Back & Flying For US Special Forces

Californians Open Homes To Oroville Dam Evacuees

Google's New AI Learned To Be 'Highly Aggressive'

The Coming Class Wars

Goldman - Global Growth Has Run Its Course

Carbon Taxes, Cow Gas And Central Planning

GOP Bill Would Gut EPA...We Can Only Hope

NSC Staffers Purge Social Media Of Anti-Trump Posts


NSA Contractor Accused of Stealing Data Far
More Sensitive Than the Snowden Docs

The Mystery Of WikiLeaks' Cryptic 'Vault 7' ?

Indicator Of Imminent Potential Financial Crisis

'Overpaid' CEOs A Risk For Investors

BoA Has Opened 3 Employee-Free Branches

How Algorithms (Secretly) Run The World

GeneWEAVE - Introducing Smarticles

Jerry Sandusky’s So Arrested On Child Sex Charges

JoeTalk - Something's Coming

UFO Sightings Video February 2017

French Election And Greece Panic Markets


Austria Gets Its First Bitcoin Digital Currency ‘Bank'

Schools In US Finally Pushing Back Start Times

Peppertree Disarms Most Dangerous Bacteria

Why Is The Passenger Seat Called 'Shotgun'?

Primitive Plants Survive 2 Years In Space

World Press Photo Contest 2017 - Winners

Health Dangers Of Fracking

How I Deal With Liberals

What Is Osteoarthritis

There Are Over 200 Bodies On Mt Everest

History & Science Behind Your Terrible Breath


Trump Taps Gen Joseph Kellogg As Flynn Replacement

Trump's National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, Resigns

Danger Increases At Oroville Dam…Days Of Rain Due

Tons Of Rocks Used To Try To Bolster Failing Spillway

Biggest Fear At Oroville Dam…
A 30' Wall Of Water Roaring Downstream

Oroville Crisis - Floodplains In Neighboring 3 Counties

Senate Confirms Two More Trump Jewish Cabinet
Picks - Munchkin For Treasury, Shulkin For VA

KCRA Live Coverage Of Oroville Dam & Evacuations

Officials Frantically Try To Make Repairs In
Emergency Spillway - Live Updates

Oroville Dam Evacuations Extended To Sutter County

Update On Oroville Dam & Hole In Emergency Spillway

188,000 Under Evac Orders Over Failing Spillways
At Oroville Dam In Northern CA


Trump, Bannon Said Considering Firing Flynn
Over Russian Phone Calls Scandal

‘We See Eye-To-Eye’ - Bibi On Way To Meet Trump

Trump's Mixed Messages On Moving US
Embassy From TelAviv To Jerusalem

Iran - Trump’s Number One Evil State To Be

Trump Sends US Military Helicopters To Germany
As Part Of NATO-US Anti-Russian Buildup

Ships From 4 NATO Countries In Black Sea Drills

Is Trump Another War President?

Grassley, Key Senate Ally, Hits Out At Trump

Tension And Controversy In Trump's Inner Circle

Why Donald Trump Needs Next Recession
To Start As Quickly As Possible


Campaign To Impeach Trump Continues

Trump Backs Japan Over E China Sea Islands
China 'Seriously Concerned And Opposed'

N Korea's Latest Missile Traveled Farthest Yet

N Korea - Missile Test Success, China Rejects US Criticism

N Korea Boasts Of ‘Successful’ Missile Launch

North Korea - America's Punching Bag

‘Everything Within 400 Yards Was Incinerated’ Says
Dresden Survivor Of American WW2 Genocide

My Memories From The Fake News Business

Trump & CNN Fight Over POTUS Comments..Again

Maduro Kicks CNN Out Of Venezuela
Accuses It Of Spreading Fake News

WaPost Admits Shutting Down 'Fake News'
Will Move Us Closer To A Modern-Day 1984

Kiev's Aggression On Donbass Continues

Softwar - The ID Reapers...Stealing Your Life Is A Crime


Kiev Used WMDs On Donbass Civilians

Shameless Jews Fight Over 'Holocaust' Restituion

Proof That Right Wingers Are Better Looking

Hong Kong Reels Over Disappearance China Billionaire

Moscow Brands Russian Cyberattacks On UK ‘Fake News’

No Evidence Of Russian Cyber Attacks Against UK

Sex Assault, Violence, Rape 'Too Common'
At France’s Dunkirk Refugee Camp

Steinmeier Elected President Of Germany

UK Govt Plan To Jail Journalists As 'Spies'

US Carrier Bush Pounding Daesh From Mediterranean

Russian MoD Drone Vid Of Gorgeous
Roman Theater In Palmyra blown Up By ISIS

UN Offers Israel's Livni Under-Secretary Gen Post

Israeli Ministers Vote To Silence Mosques


Infamous KKK Imperial Wizard Found Dead

Judge Forces Town To Return $3 Million
To Residents Fined By Traffic Cams

US-Born NASA Employee Detained At Airport

Engdahl - Will Superweeds Choke GMO
To A Timely Death In America?

Doom - New York To Offer Free College...Sort Of

Have We Forgotten How To Look Up?

Strange Things Going On In The Antarctic - Videos

Ark Of Gabriel Discovered…And
What They Don't Want You To Know

Ark Of Gabriel - Journey To The Antarctic

Arch Angel Gabriel - Alien Hybrids

Mysterious 'Ark Of Gabriel' & Russia's Interest In Antarctica

Experiencing Spiritual Flatlining?

Iceland’s Witchcraft Museum


Eating Toward Immortality

How Brewing Beer Changed A Lifeform For Good

Martian Volcano Unlike Anything On Earth

Ride Along With A Rover In The Mars Yard

UFO NASA Files -The Unexplained

Alleged ET-Human Hybrid & Latest FOIA Requests

UFO Kills Electronics, Creates Fog?

Tom DeLonge To Launch Investigative UFO Series

'UFO Capital Of The World'

Space Calendar 2017 - Launches, Sky Events & More

The De-Sexing Of Man And Woman