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Jeff & 'Meral' - The Horrifying Muslim
Destruction Of Germany

Jeff & Gerald Celente - Mad As Hell !

Anti-Trump Propagandist David Brock Suffers Heart Attack

George Soros-Aligned Group Weighs
Funding Anti-Trump Activists

FAKE NEWS - Manafort’s Ties To Russian Oligarch
11 Mo Old News, Released Again Today

30 Countries Are Refusing To Take Back Criminal Illegals

ObamaCare Replacement In
Jeopardy - House GOP No Deal

Can Trump Fire FBI Director James Comey?

FBI’s Comey ‘Falsely’ Denied Surveillance

AG Sessions Terrible Truth About Drugs Is A LIE

Tillerson - "I Didn't Want This Job'

We Have Been Duped Again - It's ALL Rigged - Watch

ABC News - The FBI Was Wiretapping At Trump Tower


Have We Reached A Turning Point For Stocks?

The Missing Logic Of RussiaGate

The State Of The Union On Clean Tap Water

School Orders Boy To 'Tolerate' Undressing With Girls

Insanity - Forbes Mag Says Iran Is Cool Destination
For 2017 - Visitors Must Adapt To Sharia Law

'Moderate' Indonesia Muslims Lashing
Citizens For Breaking Sharia Law

UK Charity Put Extremist Imam Up On
Stage with Liberal Democrat Leader

Al-Qaeda Order - 'No Need To Consult
Anybody Before Killing Americans'

What Did WWI Soldiers Leave
Behind In Their Secret Bunkers?

Forgotten Stories Of Everyday Americans
Of The Revolutionary War

NASA, ESA Aim To Rams Asteroid

Where To Hide If A Nuke Goes Off Near You

The Deadly Danger You Can't See

Destroying Internet Freedom By Taxation

Hitler's Bodyguard Reveals Unseen Photos
Of Adolf Hitler And Eva Braun's Private Life

Incredible Animation Shows How Deep Ocean Is

Spinal Cord Stimulation Relieves Back Pain w/o Opioids

Amazon River No Younger Than 9 Million Years

Dreier - Look For The Magic In Real Life

Bro Nathanael - The Partisan - Vid


Devvy - Congress At Home In April -
Get Out In Huge Numbers

Russian Mafia Boss Still At Large After
FBI Wiretap At Trump Tower

Whistleblower Confirms Trumps Tweet Of Being Tapped

House Intel Chair Nunes admits Trump Was Spied
On But Tries To Minimize Its Significance

Congress Probe Into Possible Trump-Russia Ties Fizzles

Trump Ordered To Attend NATO Summit

Tillerson Offers 'Snubbed' NATO New Meeting Dates

Mattis Meets With NATO Boss Ahead Of Anti-ISIS Summit

Fox News Silences Napolitano's Brilliance

The CIA-MSM Marriage And The Trump Effect


Neil Gorsuch - An Apologist For Bush Era Torture

Trump - US Must Seek To Build Real, Enduring Peace
So Why Has He Become A NeoCon War Hawk?

Why Did Trump Labor Sec Nominee Cut A Deal
With Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein?

Washington's Little Known Spy Agency

Madsen - Meet Neocons New American Hero...Ben Sasse

The Kagans Are Back - Wars Will Follow

Maxine Waters To Trump - 'Get Ready For Impeachment'

Breitbart WH Reporter Ordered Not To Ask
Televised Question Discrediting DNC, Russia

The True Legacy Of David Rockefeller

Master Spider David Rockefeller

Did Putin Kill David Rockefeller? Experts Weigh In

Facebook Rolls Out Alert To Combat Fake News


US Electronics On Flights Ban May
Not Be Just About Security

UK Follows US Bans Electronic Devices Ban
On Flights From Muslim Majority Nations

America And Israel Threaten World Peace

Russian Military In Area Targeted By Israel Bombs

Isreal - East Jerusalem 'Settlements' Non-Negotiable

Israel Inconsolable After Failing
To Grab Another Piece Of Syria

Netanyahu Vows Continued War On Syria

Russia, Iran-Backed Syrian Army
Repels Al-Qaeda In Damascus

100s Of Civilians Thought Killed by US Strikes Near Raqqa

US Terror-Bombing Massacres Civilians

Iraq Doesn't Want To Be Battlefield In US-Iran Standoff

Price Of LIberation In Mosul…Death & Bombed Out Streets

The Iraq War And Its Catastrophic Consequences


Yemenis Fire New Ballistic Missiles At Saudi

Radical Terror Spreading Fast In Regions Of The Wold

US Breeds Activism In Belarus

Ukraine Asks US For 'Major Non-NATO Ally' Status

Porky Leading Ukraine To 'Palace Coup'

Ukrainian Rradicals Vandalize Russian
BanksAs Police Look On - Vid

Kremlin - US Intel Committee Is ‘Confused’

Snowden Talks Russia, ‘Spy’ Microwaves At Tech Conf

Noted Putin Critic Warns Of Confrontation
Between Trump And Russia

Does Trump Understand What Russia Really Wants?

Sweden Readies Network Of Nuclear Fallout
Bunkers As Fears Grow Of Russian Attack

Britain The Go-To Place For Russian Criminals


Bank That Lent $300m To Trump Linked To
Russian Money Laundering Scam

North Korea's New Missile Launch Fails

US B-1B Bomber Holds Joint Drills With S Korea

Anglo-America’s Struggling Foothold In China

China Not To Build Monitoring Facility
On Disputed South China Sea Shoal

Japan Boosts Navy With Huge Helicopter Carrier

Kremlin - Report Of Fillon Ties To Putin 'Fake News'

Natural Born Orator Le Pen Leads Twitter Hashtag race

Goldman Sachs To Move London Jobs To Europe


Dear America - Better Read The Fine Print
On Your Credit Card Statement

5 Reasons These Are Strangest Times In Human History

UK CEOs Earn 386x More Than Natl Wage Workers

UK-Based Airlines Told To Move To Europe
After Brexit…Or Lose Major Routes

Four 'Supersized' Prisons To Be Built In England, Wales

Brit Cops Said Hired Indian Hackers To Spy On Journalists

Doom - 25% Of College Students On (Legal) Drugs

1st Bee Species Put On Endangered Species List


ISIS Cheers Terror Attack On Parliament - 4 Dead
20 Injured As Car Mows Down Pedestrians


Proof Muslims Brought Into US COMPLETELY UNVETTED
And No Health Screening And Infected With TB, AIDS, Etc

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 31 - pdf

The System Is Trying To Normalize Cannibalism

Trump’s Budget Versus The Debt Ceiling

Netanyahu Tells Putin Jews Will Keep Bombing Syria

Giraldi - Criticizing Neocon Thuggery Is Anti-Semitism?

Israel Is America’s Mad Dog In Syria

US Boycotts UN Human Rights Session On Israel

Israeli Settlement Enlargement 'Subjugates Humanity'

Jesus's Tomb To Be Open To Public After $4m Restoration

Top Dem Lobbyists Giving Money To Clinton
Team Have Ties To Russia - Reports

'The Earth Is Flat' Says Shaquille O’Neal

US Spring Breakers Chant 'Build The Wall' In Cancun

TX Police Chief Telling Homeless Man To Leave Town

How Govt Uses Civil Asset Forfeiture To Rob Us Blind

Half Of Canadians Want Illegal Immigrants Deported

S Korea Faces Rise in Cyber
Attacks After THAAD Deployment

Taiwan Launches Submarine Project Amid China Threat

No One Needs Another Korean War

NZ School Abolishes Gendered Uniforms

US State Department Confirms Tillerson's Visit To Moscow

Engdahl - Strategic China Russia Arctic Cooperation


Is A Russian-Iranian Energy Pact In The Making?

Life Expectancy In Russia Up 6.5 Year Under Putin

Heavy Fighting In East Damascus

Syrian Downs Israeli Drone Near Golan

US Main Target In Syria Is Iran - ISIS Is Second

Trump Questions Iran Deal Again

Hundreds Of 9/11 Victims Suing Saudi Arabia - Report

Erdogan ‘Not Welcome’ In Germany After New Nazi Taunts

Robot Successfully Reports Killer Radiation
Levels Inside Fukushima Reactor

Visualizing The World's Extreme Population Density

The Planet Is Not Warming Up…It's Drying Out

7,000 Huge Gas Bubbles Have Formed Under Siberia


Inside Midwest Wildfires That Burned Cattle Alive

Use Of GMO Mosquitoes Considered in Houston

The Like Button Ruined The Internet

The Controversial Zeppelin Stamps

How Bright Is The Earth As Seen From The Moon?

Welcome To Chinawood

$100 Million in Artifacts From Egypt & Turkey To US

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Blackberries

Do Not Eat Grapefruit With 32 Common Drugs

The Haunting Face Of A 700 Yr Old Man


Kirwan - The Trump Sellout - Step By
Step To Total Collapse

S/S Laptop Thief Knew What He Was Looking For

Stolen S/S Laptop Contained PizzaGate Evidence -Vid

Trump vs Televised Congressional Hysteria

Fox News Yanks Judge Napolitano
Over His Trump Wiretap Claims

Trump vs Fox News On Wiretapping

Comey - How MSM Legally Creates Fake News

A Reporter Has More Information Than The FBI?
Gowdy Crushes FBI Director Comey

Newt Rips Comey, Calls Today's Testimony 'Pathetic'

Lying Machine NYT Calls Trump A Liar

Dozen Most Insane Statements From US
Congress’ Hearing On ‘Russian Spying’

RT - US Congress Pursuit Of
Russia-Trump Scandal Funny

Clinton Staff Enraged Comey Withheld Russia Probe

NYT Editors Lied Suggesting Sabotage
Undermined Hillary's Campaign


Democrats Hoped To Hurt Trump But
Instead Raised Suspicions Of Obama

Ex-CIA Chief Panetta - Trump Should Apologize To Obama

Bernie Sanders - America's Most Popular Con Man

Webb - Hillary's Hackers &The Awan Brothers Saga - 1

Webb - Hillary's Hackers & The Awan Brothers Saga - 2

Webb - Hillary's Hackers & The Awan Brothers Saga - 3

Trump Threatens House GOP To Vote FOR Health Bill

Deplorable TrumpCare

Ivanka Trump To Get West Wing Office, No Formal Position

US Bans Laptops, iPads, Anything Bigger Than
A Cellphone On Flights From 13 Countries

Secret Service Under Investigation Over More Breaches


DHS List Of Police Depts Defying Immigration Orders

Dan Coats Confirmed As Director Of National Intelligence

Pentagon On $550 Million B-21 Long Range Bomber

Idiot Dems Turn Putin Into A James Bond Villain

Henderson Press TV - More US Troops To Syria?

Russia Combats Terrorists America Supports

Atzmon - If They Want To Burn It, You'll Want To Read It!

Border Patrol Given Police Powers To Arrest Tourists

Trump Seeks To Cut $6b From Govt
Research - Why Not More?

What If You Sell Medicine That
Causes Men To Grow Breasts?

MD Extracts RFID Chip From Sex Trafficking Victim

Conservative Students 'Violently Threatened' At College


Roberts - The Conspiracy Against President Trump

Donald Trump Will Resign 'Soon' Says Diane Feinstein

Gowdy Reveals How Comey Won't Obey The Law

Snowden Tells NSA & Comey To 'Stop Breaking The Law'

Rare Public Hearing To Seek FBI, NSA
Answers On Trump-Russia, Leaks

NeoCon Trump - 'Fully-Lethal' US-Led NATO
Battalion Deployed To Poland (To Threaten Russia)

First Of 800 UK Troops Arrive In Estonia To Face Russia

Israel Is Flying Air Support For ISIS

Roberts - The Collapse Of Trust In The West

GOP Makes Tweaks To Health Bill

How The Rockefellers Created The World You Live In
This Is What They Don't Want You To Know

Deutsche Bank Plunges Into Red

GOP Wants Your Boss To Know Your Genes


10 Most Popular US Conspiracy Theories

The Vile Kagans Are Back And Want A
Full Scale Invasion And War On Syria

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 30 - pdf

Convicted For SELF-DEFENSE Against BLM Thugs

A History Of North Korean Misadventures

The WW1 Trenches In COLOR

The History Of 'Stolen' Supreme Court Seats

The Global Famine Begins

Argentina Should Be Worried About Huge UK Base

Harlem’s Trinity - Khalid Muhammad,
Malcolm X…And Allah The Father

The Truth About The '5% Nation' - Weird

The Five Percent Nation - A Brief History Lesson

Word Is Bond - An Ex-Con Explains The 5 Percenters


Dinos Died About Same Time Of Mars Huge Volcano

King Og's Giant Iron Bed

Has Yamashita's Gold Been Found

What NASA Saw When It Landed
On Saturn's Biggest Moon

1,000s Of Worlds May Lurk Beyond Pluto

Monsanto Undercover Funding Has
Led To The Attack On Organic Foods

Where’s Your Tax Refund?
This Tool Will Tell You

How To Get Online When The Net Is Down

Your Life May Depend On This Post SHTF Skill

Spring Equinox Is Here

Most Teens Who Abuse Opioids
First Got Them From A Doctor

How Money Made Us Modern


Billionaire Banker David Rockefeller Dies Aged 101

David Rockefeller - Unashamed Predatory Globalist

Bilderberg, Kissinger & Transplant Rumors
Truth & Myths Of David Rockefeller’s Life

Steele In Norway - Nobel Peace Prize For Trump, Putin

Hedge Fund Boss - Odds Of Trump Succeeding
...Are ZERO Without A New War

Is Trump About To Massively Expand US Imperial Wars?

America First? 200,000 Troops Deployed To 177 Nations
Whatever Happened To Trump Bringing Military HOME?

Trump Cuts US Debt By $98 Billion In 2 Months

Comey Disputes Trump Claim Of Being Wiretapped
Confirms FBI Probing Russia 'Election Interference'

No Evidence Of Collusion Between Trump And Russia

Trump Urges Congress, FBI Find Leaker
Of Classified Information 'Now'


Trump Tweet - FBI Director Comey 'Refuses To
Deny' Obama Was Briefed On Flynn

FBI Confirms Probe Of Trump’s Alleged Ties
With Moscow During 2016 Election Campaign

DC Vultures Circling Nunes For Seeing
No Evidence Of Trump-Kremlin Collusion

Two Months In - The Old, New And
Borrowed In Trump's Foreign Policy

MSM Still 'Doesn't Get' Message Voters Sent It
About Donald Trump For President

Feinstein Hints That Trump May Resign
'I Think He Is Going To Get Himself Out'

McCain - The Rise And Fall Of An American 'Hero'

Most Young In US See Trump As Illegitimate President

Anti-Trump Nazi-Billboard Artist Reports Death Threats

Is Obama Really Lurking Behind The Throne?

Investigation, Trump, Acosta & Epstein Pedophile Plea Deal

Lost Privacy Rights in America

Did The Fed Just Hint At Monster Inflation?

Lendman - Erdogan, Turkey, Merkel, Hitler And Germany

Merkel Offers 'Olive Branch' To Russia

White House Meeting With Trump Catastrophic For Merkel


Exclusive - Documenting Illegal Immigrant Pedophile Crimes

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 29 - pdf

Muslim Hordes From TurkeyTo Greece Up
Sharply After Erdogan's Threats

Blood Simple: Refugee Teen Kills His Lover’s
Elderly Father To Remain In Sweden

Denmark Bending Under Muslim Breeding Boom

Dutch Election Results Confirm 'Far Right
Populism' Still On The Rise In Europe

Bangladesh Muslim Child Marriage Aged Reduced To Zero

Some States Allow Child Married In US At Age 14
MA Judges Can Allow US Girls To Marry At 12

China Will Counter All US Trade Penalties


China Tells US To Stop Selling Arms To Taiwan

US THAAD Poses Serious Asia-Pacific Risks - Lavrov

China To Ax Disgraced Generals - Downsizing Biggest Army

Japanese Shame Of Taking Vacation Is A National Disaster

Experts Warn India Of China’s Weather Wars

Anti-Muslim Hindu Now India’s Most Populous State Leader

NZ Expels US Diplomat Over 'Serious' Criminal Incident

Duterte Calls Obama ‘Idiot’

NATO Eastern Buildup Undermines Regional Security - Russia

Increased NATO Activity Close To Russia
Poses Risk Of Major New Arms Race

NATO Idiocy - Brit troops In Estonia GOOD
But Russian Troops In Russia, BAD


Russian Space Official Murdered While Awaiting Trial

IMF Delaying New Loan To Ukraine Shows
Shift In West's Stance Towards Kiev

Russia Summons Israeli Amb Over
IAF Airstrikes Near Syria's Palmyra

Liberman Threatens To Wipe Out Syrian Air Defenses

Israel Launches Surprise Military Exercises

Israel Threatens Hezbollah And Hamas

Israel Anticipates Hamas Attacks In April Holidays

Aggrieved Palestinians Denied Compensation

Assad - Oscar-Honored White Helmets Are Part Of Al-Qaeda

Syria Repels Massive Terrorist Attack New Damascus

Syrian Warplanes Annihilate Terrorist Supply Lines

Israel Escalating Its Aggression On Syria

Fierce Clashes In Damascus As Islamists Tunnel Into Old City


US Conducts Too Many 'Mistaken' Airstrikes In Syria

Israelis In Russian Military In Syria - Why Not? - Morris

Saudi General Hails US (Trump) Pledge To Boost
Intel, Military Support Against Iran

Iran - Viewing Women As A Commodity Is A Zionist Plot

Saudis Urge UN To Control Yemeni Port After Botch

Turkey Defense Minister Hints At Berlin
Role In 2016 Failed Coup

Madman Erdogan - Europe Would Revive Gas
Chambers...'If They Weren't So Embarrassed'

Muslim Hordes From TurkeyTo Greece Up
Sharply After Erdogan's Threats

Turkey Defense Minister Hints At Berlin
Role In 2016 Failed Coup


May To Trigger Article 50 On 3-29 Starting Brexit Process

BBC Viewers Rage Over 'Totally Biased Anti-Brexit' Feature

UK Tax Raid On Pensions, Overseas Aid Protected

The Amazing Anti-Aging Power Of Kindness

Antibiotic Apocalypse May Kill 10 Million A Year

Death Toll From Peru Floods 75, Over 260 Injured

4.2 Billion Yr Old Piece Of Original Earth Crust In Canada

Sesame Street Intros Autistic Muppet

Satanic Temple Launches Anti-School Spanking In TX

Why The Press Is Hated...

Mel Gibson Has Silently Supported
Holocaust Survivors For Years

Tim Allen - Life in Hollywood Is Like 1930s Germany

Alive, Sick, Presumed Dead, Buried,
Unburied, Now Dead Again


David Rockefeller Dies At 101

New Gallup Poll Shows Trump Approval Fading

Trump Joins Saudi War Crimes In Syria

House Intel Chair Says No Wiretap Happened

Trump Solicits Bids, Design Proposals AndPrototypes
For The WALL Which Must Be 18-30 Feet High

WaPost - Inside Trump’s White House…Infighting, Suspicion

Sessions - 43% Of Americans Are Not Good People

Vault 7 Leak Exposes Secret War Against We The People

Who’s Behind ‘New Authority’ For CIA Drone Strikes?

Record Number Of Mexicans Detained At Cdn Border

More Americans Are Applying For NZ Citizenship

Goldman Buys Bad Mortgages Worth $5.7 Billion


Phishing Scams - Here’s How To Avoid Them

Raising Debt Ceiling Avoids The Spending Addiction

Can California Pull Off Debt-Free College?

50% Of NY Sexualy-Active High School
Girls Have Female Partners

What Ecstasy Does To Your Brain And Body

These 3 Superbugs Pose The Greatest Threat To Us

Remembering The UFO Cult, 'Heaven’s Gate'

UFO Caught On Cam Moving Out Of Bay

Black Triangle UFOs


Vault 7 Leak Exposes Secret War Against We The People

Man Beats Security, Gets Into Trump's Mar-a-Lago Study

S/S Detains Man Who Drove To WH Checkpoint
Claiming To Have A Bomb In His Car

Trump No Longer Safe In The White House - Ex S/S

Trump Thinks Your Car's Gas Mileage Is Your Business

Trump Billboard With Swastika Dollar Signs, Nuke Bombs


Economic Growth? Over My Dead Body, Says Yellen

Trump Rolls Back Obama Protections On Student Loans

Dems Sleepwalking Opposition To Gorsuch

Banks Are Truly EVIL

It's Time To Get Real - Banks Are Evil

Russian Parliament Probe Of CNN & Other US Media

Merkel Agrees To Take In 250,000 MORE Muslims,
Pay Turkey $3 Billion In Backstabbing Secret Deal

Immigrant Invasion Numbers To US...Off The Charts!

WaPost In Blatant Propaganda - Changes Immig Headline

N Korea Says Its Rockets Are 'Reborn' With New Engine

China Ups Marine Force 400%, First Intl Base Complete

Zionist West Sights Are Now Clearly Set On Iran


Iran Says Not Obligated To Ship Out Excess Heavy Water

Iran's Exemplary Refugee Program

Putin Forgot To Tell Assad It’s 'Anti-Semitic'
To Defend Against IDF Jets Attacking Syria

Israeli Def Chief Threatens To Destroy Syria Air Defenses

Israeli War Minister Liberman Threatens Syria

Just Some Photos Of IDF Hanging Out w/Al-Qaeda In Syria

VA AG Works With Terror-Linked CAIR To Oppose
Trump Travel Ban - VA Now Called 'Virginistan'

Erdogan Threatens To Send 15,000
Muslims A Month Into Europe

'You Are Europe's Future' - Erdogan Tells
Turks in Europe Have Five Kids, Not Three

Erdogan Vows To Reinstate Death Penalty

Turkey Suspends NATO Cooperation With EU States

Islamic Cleric Calls On Turkey To Build Nuclear Arsenal


ISIS Bomber In BULLDOZER Blasts Iraqis In Mosul

Coverup Of Huge Humanitarian Disaster In Mosul

Terrorists Shoot Down Warplane Over Benghazi

Yemen Hits Air Base In Saudi Capitol

The Muslim Brotherhood

Crimea Reunification Day Commemoration

AI Will Surpass Humans In About 10 Years

The First Weaponized Hurricane Was 1947

5 Signs Matrix Of Control Is Rapidly Evolving

Ron Paul – Whistleblowers Are Our True Heroes

Whistleblower Who Exposes Govt ET Connections

Mind Control In Australia

Why Is South Africa Being Stirred Up?

Scotland Independence Referendum 2.0

Cockburn - Brexit Has Damaged The Union Permanently

Gordon Brown To Push For Federalized UK After Brexit

Blair's Institute To Fight 'Frightening Populism’

As VZ 'Bread War' Escalates, Maduro
Warns Bakers 'You Will Pay, I Swear'

Campus Rape Culture Protects 'Sportsball'

What Is Needed To Stop The Opioid Crisis

Ibuprofen Causing Thousands Of Deaths A Year?

3 Major Contributors To Depression And Anxiety

Mercury In Compact Fluorescent Lights Is
Contaminating Homes And Environment

Indonesia Rainforests Return To Indigenous Control

Moon Shine - Herbs Of The Night - Pt 3


Fukushima - Worst Industrial Cataclysm In History

Stolen S/S Laptop With Trump, Clinton Data Still Missing
Now Called 'A Compromise Of National Security'

NeoCon Trump Reiterates NATO Support

Trump Warns Germany Owes Vast Sums To US

Trump Is Challenging The Whole CIA-Media Nexus

Trump Wins - G-20 Drops 'Anti-Protectionist, Free-Trade
And Climate-Change Funding' Commitment

5 Times Nancy Pelosi Couldn’t Hide
The Fact She’s Totally Losing It

1917 - A Good Year For The Jews, Bad For Humanity


Trump's Astonishing List Of Jews - Meet Your Jew Govt - Vid

Trump Is Owned & Operated By Zionist Jew Power - Vid

Trump Was Installed By Freemasons, Illuminati, Zio Jews - Vid

Police Shoot Muslim Dead In Paris Airport Attack

One Dead, 7 Hurt In 'Huge' Brussels 'Gas' Explosion

Warning - Judges Trying To DESTROY America
By Creating 'Affirmative Right To Immigrate'

Immigration Judges Are Being Sent To
12 US Cities To Speed Deportations

Muslim Resettlement Contractors Whine About Slowdown

Deported Killer Re-Arrested In Arizona

N Korea Tests New High-Thrust Rocket Engine

Tillerson Turns Up Rhetoric Against North Korea

Rock 'n Roll Legend Chuck Berry Passes

It May NOT Be GLUTEN - Look What Is In Wheat!
Gluten-Free Diets May Have Poisonous Agents

FBI Arrests Man Who Used Twitter
To Cause Seizure Of Writer

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 28 - pdf

Cancer And Most Diseases Are Caused By BACTERIA


Smart Dust Is Coming - New Cam Is Size Of Grain Of Salt

Post-Apocalyptic Future Of Antimicrobial Resistance

Tripping In The ICU

Why Your Turn Signals Make That Clicking Noise

What Causes Garbage Landslides?

A Landslide No One Saw Or Heard

Smartphones Vulnerable To Hacking Via Sound Waves

How Colonists Protested The King’s Stamp Act

Is Your Cannabis Safe?

The True Cause Of The Sleeplessness Epidemic

CA 2017 Desert Super Bloom

A Dietary Treatment For Depression

Walk With The Devil, Talk With The Devil

S/S Laptop Containing Trump Tower
Floor Plans Stolen In New York

As MSM Twiddles, Reddit Finds Obama Link
In Judge's Travel Ban Block


Trump DOJ Challenges HI Judge Travel Ban Stay

Soros Urges Americans Fight Back Against Trump 'Hate'

Dems, Progressives Join Neocons To Demonize Russia

Buchanan - Is McCain Hijacking Trump’s Foreign Policy?

Ex Clinton Advisor - No Collusion Between Trump & Russia

Hillary Trolls President Trump On Twitter, Yet Again

CA Chief Justice Demands ICE Stop 'Stalking
Courthouses' And Arresting Illegal Aliens

Trump Repeats Charge Obama Ordered Spying On Him

US Senators Challenge Trump To Probe
Obama’s Regime-Change Plots


9/11 Widow - 'Why Is Trump Meeting With
My Husband's Murderer?'

Senators Call for Probe Into US Assault
On Traditional Values In Other Nations

Coulter Speaks Out Against Accepting Muslims

Hillary Says She Is Ready To Make Comeback

Trump Cuts $10b In Foreign Aid, Israel Untouched

‘That’s Just How We Act’ - Netanyahu Justifies Syria Air Raid

Israel At War With Syria

Pentagram - Israeli War On Syria Is Their Matter

Russia Summons Israeli Amb Over Syria Bombing

Har! Israeli Media Blames Putin For Syria Defending
Itself Against Illegal, Criminal Israeli Bombing

Report - Syrian Army Fired S-200s At Jewish Jets


Netanyahu Furious Over Non-Existent
Threat Of 'Iranian Naval Base' In Syria

Fight Erupts As Ultra-Ortho Jews Try
To Disrupt Jerusalem Marathon

Tillerson In Beijing

Tillerson - US Policy Of 'Strategic Patience'
With North Korea is Now Over

UN Agency Head's Forced Resignation

'Russia Responsible' For US Strike Killing 50 Syrians

Pentagram Says Syria Mosque Untouched By US
Bombing - Oops, Look At The Video

NYT Defends Pentagon Mosque Terror-Bombing

US, Russian Troops Now In Same Syrian City

Fighting Terrorists The 'Russian' Way
Playtime Is Over For Al-Qaeda in Libya

Over 50% In UK Don't Know Of Saudi War On Yemen

20 Killed As Two Missiles Hit Yemen Mosque

Br Nathanael - America's Two Minutes Of Hate - Vid


China Cops New Anti-Drone Gun That Shoots Illegal UAVs

Classy Putin Urges Nations To Reject ‘Chaos’
Join Russia In Creation Of ‘Fair’ World

Putin Preps For 'Russian Invasion Of Europe'
With Massive Cuts To Military Spending!

Zakharova Tells Journalist It's Dangerous
To Sit Near A Creep From CNN

Sen Inhofe Says The US National Guard Is
Training KIev Troops In East Ukraine

UK Troops In Estonia to 'Defend NATO’ From Russia!

Erdogan Urges Turks In EU To Breed To Take Europe

Sicilian Bishop Bans Mafiosi From Church Sacraments

2,500 Former UK Soldiers Jailed Last Year

BBC Airs Convicted Pedo Rationalizing Abusing OWN Kids

Cops Execute Man On Facebook Live - Family Responds

Shadowy X-37B Space Plane Soon To Break Orbital Record


US Shale Output Won't Bring Down Oil For Long

Goldman On A Buying Spree For Delinquent Mortgages

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 27 - pdf

Liar Brazile Admits She Gave Debate Qs To Hillary Camp

WH Fence Jumper Not Noticed For 15 Minutes

JoeTalk - Trump Powerless, Part 3

The 'American Dream' In Canada

Surreal Drone Photos Make US Into A Roller Coaster

The Puzzling Link Between Suicide And Spring

Rethinking Where Earth's Water Came From

$5 Trillion To Replace US Fading Electric Grid

Cantwell - Cancer & Most Diseases
Are Caused By BACTERIA

The Fixers Who Buried Old Hollywood’s Biggest Scandals


The US Declassified 750 Nuke Weapons Movies

7 Times Science Played God

Space Calendar 2017 - Launches, Sky Events

Giant UFO Explosion And Crash Vid - Or Best Hoax Ever

Buzz Aldrin Hosts Virtual Reality Tour Of Mars

UFO Reported Over Tewksbury

UFOs, Kenneth Arnold And The American Bible

Reluctant Phoenix Lights Witness Finally Talks

How Hemp Cleans Up Nuclear Radiation, Toxic Soil

Forecasting Happiness

Remote Amazon Tribe Has Healthiest Arteries Ever

Japan Spy Satellite Launches To Watch N Korea

The FBI’s Secret Rules

Trump's Approval Rating Is Increasing

The Debt Ceiling Deadline Has Passed


Women...Defend Yourselves...Feminists Sold You Out

A Word To The Criminal Muslim 'Migrant'

Trump-Merkel Meeting - Both Dodge Merkel Muslim Rape
Of Europe - Trump Fails To Stand Up On The Subject

Insane - German Educators Call For Forced,
Mandatory Arabic To Be Taught In Schools

Do You Want A Handshake? Merkel Asks Trump - NO

Trump Jokes With Merkel About Obama Surveillance - Vid

Obama Visit To HI 48 Hrs Before HI Judge Rules
Against New Trump Temporary Refugee Ban

Obama’s Very Long Vacation Lands In Tahiti


With Perez As DNC Chair, Democrats Go Full Anti-White

Rat Ryan Wants Business As Usual vs Trump Repubs

Has The Deep State Begun Revenge On Trump?

Forget Russia, Donald Trump Works For Wall Street

Engdahl - The Crumbling American Superpower

Trump, JFK And The Deep State

GCHQ Says 'Utterly Ridiculous' Claim It Tapped Trump

White House Apologizes To GCHQ For Tapping Claim

The Swamp Fights Back Against Trump Budget

Trump's Cruel And Inhuman Budget

Trump Budget Guarantees Money Only For Israel
Obama Just Gave Them $38 Billion!

Hail Trump! 'Best President For Israel Ever’

The Deplorable State Of US Governance


Giraldi - What Is The CIA Hack All About?

The Whole POINT Of The Internet of Things
Is So Big Brother Can Spy On You

False Flag Brewing? Suspiciously High Cell Activity In DC

NY Ass New Bill To Suppress Non-Govt OK'd Free Speech

UK To Grill Google Over Funding Extremists With Tax Money

WH Makes Formal Apology To GCHQ Over Spying Charge

Grotesque Hypocrisy Of The Bundy Trial In Vegas

Trump's New BLM Director Must Fire Daniel P. Love

Syrian Army - Israeli Jet Shot Down, Another Hit

Syria Shoots Down Israeli Jet After Strike - Israel Denies

Syria SAMs Send Big Message To Israelis

Israel Finally Admits Bombing Syria


Has Syria Shot Down Israel's Impunity? - Morris

Netanyahu Vows New Settlement As US Envoy Visits

Israel Says Palestinian Martyrs Fund Is 'Terror' Entity

Israel World's Biggest Nuclear Threat - Iran

Atzmon - Stephen Pollard, David Duke & Victor Ostrovsky

US Raid On Aleppo Mosque Leaves Many Dead

Russia Falsely Accused Of US
Airstrike On Syrian Mosque

US Admits Striking ‘Al-Qaeda' In Syria - Mosque Was Hit

Russia Urges US To Comment On Mosque Strike

Syria - ‘Looming Dam Catastrophe’ Amid US Bombing

Trump - N Korea ‘Behaving Badly’ - China Not Helping

US War On N Korea 'An Option' Says Tillerson


Will America Attack North Korea Again?

Tillerson Won't Rule Out Nukes For US Allies In Asia

Beijing Urges US, S Korea To Stop THAAD Deployment

Tillerson Tells China Don't Retaliate On THAAD In S Korea

Residents Of SK Island Outraged Over US Base Plans

North Korea - The Grand Deception Revealed

Russia - US Building Tensions On Korean Peninsula

China Building Permanent Stn On S China Sea Island

Japan, Fearing N Korea, Holds First Missile Drill

Ron Paul To McCain, Haley - Anti-Russian Comments
‘Not A Very Smart Thing To Say’

Another Illegal Use Of US Military Force Coming? (AUMF)

Trump Admin Stupidly Tells Russia To End The
'Occupation' Of Crimea - (Dumber And Dumber)

Russia To Launch Most Powerful Nuclear Sub This Month


Lavrov - West In Deliberate Campaign To Discredit Russia

US State Dept Warns Of 'Serious Consequences'
Of Donbass Blockade By Kiev

US, EU Attack Porky For His Blockade Of Donbass

NATO Buildup Near Russian Borders
French Warship Enters Black Sea

4 NATO Warships Arrive In Black Sea
Port Of Odessa, Ukraine

Busted! US Soldiers Caught With $12 Million
Of Crystal Meth In South Korea

USAF Cmdr Pleads Guilty To Child Porn Charges

Deported Mexicans Vow To Flood Into Canada
'The U.S. Is Over...Now It's Canada's Turn'

Mexico Advising Immigrants In US To Transfer
Funds Out Of American Bank Accounts

What’s Really Going On In Sweden?

Sweden Urges Vigilance Against 'Foreign Subversion'


Qataris Own More Of London Than The Queen

Get Out, White Racism or Mind Control?

Saudis Kill 7 Yemeni Fishermen In Air Raid

Saudi King Lavishes Golden Sabre,
Rolex Watches On Indonesian Officials

Turkey Opens 2,600 Criminal Cases For Insulting Erdogan

Rust And Dust

Fukushima To Host Some 2020 Olympics Events
To 'Recover' From Nuclear Disaster (There Is NO Recovery)

Court - Japan, TEPCO Both Liable For 'Preventable' Fukushima

Humpback Whales Fleeing Antarctica For South Africa?

Watching Porn Damages The Human Brain,
Things Will Never Be The Same Again

Subway Threatens Broadcaster Over ‘Soy Chicken’ Report

Woman Fights To Stay Alive In Peru Mudslide - Vid


Trump Budget Already Faces Early Republican Resistance

Trump Budget Aims At Bloated Bureaucracy - MSM Flips Out

Trump To Make Huge Announcement About Car Industry

Military-Industrial Complex Is King In Trump Budget

Trump's Budget Plan…The Winners And Losers

US-NATO Buildup Near Russian Borders
Are They Trying To Force A Russian Fight?

Trump's AG Sessions Goes INSANE About Marijuana
Ludicrously Discrediting The Administration & TRUMP

How TrumpCare Will Crush Millennials

Report On US Patriot Act Violations Of George Soros

Plaintiff Behind Trump Travel Ban Runs
Muslim Brotherhood Mosque


HI Obama Judge Rules Muslim Imam Can
Bring Anyone From Terror Countries Into US

Trump Didn't Avoid Paying Taxes
For 18 Years As NY Times Suggested

Harvard’s Fake Guide To Fake News Sites

Can Liberals Answer Trump On Foreign Policy?

How To Stop Google Tracking Your Every Move

Mosul Being Shelled Indiscriminately

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 26 - pdf

Illegal Immigrant Faces Deportation After Raping Teen

Suicidal Insanity - Sanctuary Cities List Nears 500

Insane French Exonerate Criminal Muslims - Now They
Cover For Satanist - Call Him 'Fragile Youth'

Latest Data On Feds War On Drugs Released


Conspiracy Theories On Monsanto & Roundup True

Leftists Seek Paid ‘Eco-Hero’ Activists On Craigslist

Some Millennials Sell Their Clothes To Eat

Civilization Is Built On Code

Powerful Storm Leaves 16 Dead Across The US

Siberia - Sex Offered For Plumbing, Car Maintenance…

Most American Cities Once Had Red-Light Districts

FL Clinic Stem Call Treatment Blinds 3 Women

Best Way To Tell If A Wild Plant Is Edible

Austerity Kills… And Then Some

The Dark Town That Built A Giant Mirror


Trump Budget To Cut Billions From Foreign Aid, EPA

Trump To Cut Off Funding For Left Wing PBS

Trump - New Travel Ban Block 'Unprecedented Overreach'

Roberts - Federal Courts Say Foreigners,
Not US Citizens, Are Entitled To Due Process...

The American Media Hide From The Truth

Obama Used Brit GCHQ To Spy On Trump

Top 15 Discoveries & Implications Of Wiki CIA Vault 7


Trump Doubles Down On Obama Wiretap Accusations

Senators Say No Evidence Yet Trump Tower Tapped

FOIA Suit Seeks Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Docs

Escobar - Relax, Global Citizen; CIA Is Kind & Benevolent

On June 1st, The Deep State Will Move To Overthrow Trump

Revolutions Are Bloody, But So Is Doing Nothing

Neocon Senator Considers RT A Foreign Agent

Roberts - The High Cost Of Truth

Yahoo Hack - Russia’s FSB Not Involved - Moscow

Lunatic McCain Explodes - 'Rand Paul Is Working For Putin!'


Rand Paul - McCain Is A Little Unhinged

US Senators Intro Res vs Russian And Iran Helping Assad

With Zero Evidence, Senate Holds Hearing On 'Russian Hacking'

Google Censoring, Deleting 'Holocaust' Probe Books

Why I Decided To Work For Putin And Russia

NeoCon Trump Is Escalating The Illegal War In Syria
Trump Sends B-52s, 400 Airmen For Iraq, Syria Air War

Trump To Send 1,000 More US Troops To Syria

Six Years Of American Death, Hell-Raising In Syria

‘Western Bombing Of Mosul Radicalizing Muslims
Around The World – George Galloway

Syrian Safe Zones To Make Refugees Clear Targets

Mosul Survivors - 'All Of Us Were ISIS Human Shields' - RT


Dirtbag Communist, Bolshevik Globalist Tool Trudeau
Gives Preference To Islam Over ALL Religions

Listen To Jeff Talk With German Citizen Over
The Unreported HORRORS In Germany Now

DtRH - A Continued Look Into The Koran - Part 25 - pdf

The Fearful Dutch Voted To Be Controlled - Morris

Wilders, 'Quarantined' By Dutch Est, Still Gains Seats

Religious (MUSLIM) Wars Will Begin In Europe - Turkey FM

German Protest Mosque Construction With Crosses

Annual WW2 German Veterans March Kicks Off In Riga

Sweden Submits To Turks, OKs Pro-Erdogan Rallies

Gang Wars Rage In Sweden Ghettos - Despite Govt Denial


Spain Seizes 10,000 Weapons Headed For Muslims

Oz Muslim Elementary School Students
Threaten To Behead Teacher - School Dying

Muslim Crime And Violence Soar In Germany

MUST WATCH - A Word To The Criminal Muslim 'Migrants'

Want Some Sex Slaves? 'No Problem' - Quebec Imam

Children Burned Alive By ISIS For Trying To Flee

Muslim Father Marries Off 3 Yr Old Daughter

Invasion - How Sweden Became The World Rape Capitol

The State Of The Muslim Invasion Of America

Kiev Blocks Road And Rail Links To Donbass

A Full Invasion Of Donbass Anytime Now
Kiev Blocks Credit Card Operations For Individuals

Porky OKs One Yr Sanctions vs 5 Russian Bank Subs


China To Retaliate If Japan Sends Izumo
Warship To South China Sea

China Expands Building On S. China Artificial Islands

Taiwan Seeks Advanced Arms In Major Anti-China Buildup

China, Saudis Siign Agreements worth $65 Billion

Saudis To Buy $3.3 Billion In Apache Helicopters From Boeing

Second Crimea Indy Vote Out Of The Question - Moscow

Charges Of Russia New Imperial Ambition As A Hoax

UN Report Calls Israel An Apartheid Regime

Israel Blasts UN 'Apartheid Regime' Report

Reaction - UN Report Calls Israel An Apartheid Regime

Israeli Jets Bombing Gaza Strip Heavilty

Netanyahu’s Wife Kicked Him Out Of Car?

Israeli Recon Drone Crashes Down Over Gaza

Swede Kids Wanting To Switch Sexes Doubles

Losing Smartphone As Stressful As Terrorist Attack

Are We Living Inside A Virtual Simulation?

NZ Govt Prepares To Drown Country In Fluorides

Classic Fake News In Britain - Lies And Deception

Catholic Church Blames 'Consumerism'
For Priest's Rape Of 15 Year Old Girl

What You Do On Your Cell Phone May Come Back On You

Michael Savage Attacked Outside Restaurant, Dog Kicked

McDonald’s Twitter Acct - Trump A ‘Disgusting President’

Sexual Assault, Rape On Rise At US Military Academies

Washington Will Raise Debt To Intervene In More Places

'Rotating Carousel Of Prostitutes' For Defense Contracts

Are Collapsing Pensions About To Bring Hell To US?

Goldman Warns Yellen Has Lost Control Of The Market

Map Of US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDP

Bharara On Why He Let Wall St Bank Execs Avoid Prison

AI Being Built To Replace Expensive, Talentless Traders

Doom - ND Rewriting Tenure To Quickly Terminate

Norway Considering Building World's First Ship Tunnel

'Two-Speed Europe' - The End of the European Dream?

Mex Pres Frontrunner Blasts Trump 'Neofascism'
Says 'Can't Wait To Redo NAFTA'

Centralization's Slide Into Oblivion

Austerity Kills... And Then Some

Three More H7N9 Farms Alabama

HPAI H7N9 Spreads To Neighboring TN Farm

Poultry Bans from Lincoln & Giles Counties In TN

Poultry Ban From Lauderdale, Jackson,
Madison Counties In AL


88% Of News On Trump Was Hostile
During His First Month in Office

White House Seeks To Cut Billions In Funding For UN

Of Course Smart Devices Won't Tell You
If They're Connected To The CIA - Vid

Everything You Wanted To Know About CIA
Spying But Were Afraid To Acknowledge

German Journalist Who Blew Whistle On
CIA Media Control Drops Dead At 56

FBI Doesn't Have To Share Rules For Spying On Journalists

Kirwan - Trump Needs Lessons In Basic Economics

Steve King Has A Model Of The Border Wall He Wants

At Least 6 Iraqi Family Members Under House
Probe Had Access To Leaked DNC Emails

Judicial Watch Sues DOJ For Records Relating To
Clinton-Lynch 'Accidental' Tarmac Meeting


NY AG Says No Right To Own Taser
Or Stun Gun Even In Your Own Home

ADL To Build Silicon Valley Center
To Monitor & Fight 'Cyberhate'

Climate GeoEng Desperation - Winter Weather
Warfare Waged On The US East Coast

UK Muslims Outnumber Christians In Dozens Of Schools

UK Insanity - Judge Rules Anglo-Saxon
Boy Must Be Taught In Islamic School

Rancher Recalls UFO Near Nuke Missile Silo

Westall UFO Sighting Witnesses to Speak

Kingman Witness Speaks - Phoenix Lights 20th

Airline Pilot Tells Of Enormous UFO

McCain And USAF Investigation - Phoenix Lights 20th

Eyewitness Account By Mike Fortson - Phoenix Lights 20th

Two Women TWERK Over A Coffin At A Funeral


Australian Mangroves 'Die Of Thirst’

The Coolest Way to Extinguish a Fire

What Happens To Cells And Tissues In Space?

The Trashy Beginnings Of 'Don’t Mess With Texas'

Inside Marlon Brando's Private Polynesian Island

Anarchists Fixing Potholes In Roads In Portland, OR

What Your Not Supposed To Know
About Recovering from Diabetes

Court - Insurance Must Cover Medical Cannabis Treatment

Pesticides are NOT Needed To Feed
The World, Says New UN Report

Are Teens Replacing Drugs & Alcohol With Technology?

Arctic Ice Loss Driven by Natural Swings


HI Federal Judge Puts New Trump Travel Ban On Hold

Charles R. Smith - DOJ Charges Russian Spies
& Criminal Hackers For Yahoo Accounts Intrusion

DOJ Charges Two Russian Spies In Massive Yahoo Hack

Justice Department Charging Russian Spies
And Criminal Hackers For Yahoo intrusion

Was Russian FSB Involved in Hacking Yahoo Accts?

MSNBC Trump Tax Records Non-Story - Trump Made
$150 Million, Paid A 25% Tax Rate, More Than Romney

Hannity Nukes Maddow & NBC After Trump Tax Flop
Calls Them 'Deep State Obama Propaganda Jihad

Intel Sources - Obama Used British Agents
For Trump Wire Tap Surveillance

Spicer - 'Very Confident' Of Evidence Obama Spied On Trump