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My order got cancelled, why is that?

In general, the orders are valid for 24 hours. Our customers sometimes create more orders at the same time without even noticing it. Please log into your user account at TREZOR Shop and check your orders. It is possible you have multiple orders created at about the same time and one of them is paid, other(s) are cancelled. In such case you don’t need to worry, your paid order will be shipped as usual and the notification email is regarding the other order(s). You can compare the order token in your user account and notification email.

Are you sure you created and paid only one order and it still got cancelled? This can happen for various reasons:

Insufficient amount:

The service you used to send the payment deducts fees from the final amount (typically exchange services) and we received the insufficient amount. In such case, you need to contact our support and request refund.

Paid after timeout:

Currently, our system accepts payments if received within 3 hours since the payment request. If the transaction is accepted later, you need to contact our support and request refund.

Unconfirmed transaction:

It can also happen that you sent the payment transaction with low transaction fee and it has not been confirmed. Please check the payment and eventually create another order.