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For aerial shooting we usually use drones with fully gyro-stabilized unique suspension. Panoramic video covers up all the space around the camera 360x180 degrees without black spots at both nadir and zenith viewing angle. 360° videos are available in any format you choose: .mp4, .avi, .mov, etc. All the videos are made and kept in frames, making it possible to encode them into any available format and bitrate with the resolution up to 8k.
Our panoramas and photos are widely used by top western companies. Among the clients and partners of AirPano are Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Facebook, LG, Samsung, Nokia and others. AirPano Travel Book app for iOS is one of the best apps of 2014 estimated by Apple.
On the basis of 360° panoramas we create virtual tours of any complexity, branded with logos and design elements of the company’s website together with embedding interactive elements, such as photos, slideshows, videos, descriptions, switch-points to other panoramas, audio descriptions, 3D sounds.
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Waterfalls Around The World 360° Aerial Panoramas, 360 Best Panoramas 360° Aerial Panoramas, 360° Virtual; 360 Degree Aerial Panorama 3d Virtual Tours Around The; 22 Best 360 Degrees Panorama Planets Around The World.
Fullscreen 360 features 360-degree panoramas of iconic destinations around the Universe. A full screen, 360-degree image lets you virtually travel to some of the most beautiful sites in the world, and the ability to look in any direction gives you the feeling of standing at on Mars, in Machu Picchu, on top Mt. St. Helens, or any of the other destinations we feature.
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View airpano.ru,AirPano is a not-for-profit project focused on high-resolution virtual tours from a bird's eye view. AirPano has already photographed over 300 most interesting locations on our planet and it is the largest resource for 360° aerial panoramas in the world. There are about 3000 spherical panoramas on ...
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the world's largest collection of stock 360° images & videos FEATURED 360° VIDEOS 360Cities' unparalleled, worldwide community of expert VR photographers are now producing great 360° video.
Moscow Kremlin at Night - AirPano.com • 360 Degree Aerial Panorama • 3D Virtual Tours Around the World
Frequently Asked Questions. AirPano is a project created by a team of Russian photographers focused on taking high-resolution aerial 360° photographs and 360° video. Today AirPano is the largest resource in the world -- by geographical coverage, number of aerial photographs, and artistic and technical quality of the images — featuring 360 ...